Fall Camporee 2018, Sept. 14-16

Fall Camporee will be September 14, 15 and 16 at Mortimer Gulch on Gibson Lake.

Geocaching Challenge

The 2018 fall camporee will be an enjoyable and challenging event for your Troop. We will be conducting a Geocaching Challenge with twists and changes to test the boys. There will be most if not all of the requirements to fulfill the merit badge.

Theme:”Are you afraid of the dark”

The Scouts will be required to do a Spooky Skit at campfire


To Mortimer Gulch at Gibson Lake, from Augusta take Manix Street west 4 miles to Forest Road 108 and continue west for 22 miles going to the top of Gibson Lake. You do NOT turn left at any time until you reach the campground.
We have reserved the lower loop campground.
If you have a camper of any type you have to camp on the upper loop and pay an additional fee of $8.00 per night….no exceptions.


Registration is $10 per person, payable when you arrive. (This has changed so you are not penalized for drop offs and cancelations.)
We need the name of one adult from your troop to help with the judging.
You must have at least “Two Deep Leadership” and at least one leader trained in “Youth Protection”.
You must have a copy of the “Medical Form” for each scout and each leader, in addition to “Parent Permission Slips” and a copy of “Guide to Safe Scouting”.  Please e-mail me, by September 12th at desireesoapcompany@gmail.com or text me at 406-788-0657, the number of attendees from your troop, boys and adults, so I can plan for prizes.


Troops it will be the same location as Spring Camporee, unless otherwise noted.
Friday night be sure to pack a sack lunch. There will not be a travelers feast.
Cracker Barrel will be at 9pm for leaders and SPL’s. Location to be announced.

Check in:

All troops need to check in with the camping committee when they arrive in camp.  The camping committee needs to know the final numbers so that they may prepare for the contests.  The camping committee will also show/tell you where you can set up camp and where to park your vehicles.
Water and sanitary facilities are available.

Check out:

All Troops need to check out with the camping committee before they leave camp.    Make sure your camp area is clean – “Leave no Trace”.


Events will be added to on July 28. The contests will be announced and explained as much as possible and as early as possible.

AWESOME Scout Award

Each troop will post a candidate for Scouter Award that will be put into a drawing box for a fantastic prize  and  scout  MUST BE PRESENT ! This prize to be announced.

Patrol size:

You should have a minimum of 3-4 scouts in a patrol and a maximum of 6 scouts.  If you have 8 boys then two patrols of 4. Small troops with small patrols may be added together so that the patrol may compete in events.  In the scoring of the points for completion of an event, scores will be adjusted mathematically so that small or large patrols are not handicapped or given an unfair advantage. Contact me if this is an issue!

General Rules

  • Camping sites will be done on a first come basis.
  • One of the most important parts of a fall Camp is to keep warm and dry. Each Scout must know what to wear. Montana weather is very changeable, requiring preparedness for any condition. A nice day can turn into a very cold night.
  • Your best protection is common sense. Dress in layers. Avoid working up a sweat, and stay comfortable by removing or adding layers. Cotton clothing is not good. Wool is.
  • Waterproof boots are essential. Wear good wicking socks.
  • A good wool or thermal hat is needed; it must be able to cover your ears. You can also wear it in your sleeping bag. A scarf is also important, to cover your neck.
  • Good gloves and a backup pair for each boy. The best for back-up is mittens in wool.
  • Scouts are more vulnerable to cold at meals, because they do not move around as much. Adults need to ask each boy if he is dry and not sweaty. If needed have them change clothes.
  • Clothing inspection: Unit leaders should visually inspect each boy before he hits the trail.
  • If the Camping Committee sees a boy unfit to task he may be pulled from events.
  • Webelos – There will be no Webelo specific events at Fall camporee.
  • Campfires are limited to above ground fire pits. There will not be wood available. Shovels need to be by each fire, and adult supervision at all times.
  • No Pets except registered Service Animals and sled dogs
  • Pack in, pack out.  Leave no trace.

Camping Committee Philosophy:

  • Adults are welcome to watch their boys compete.
  • The boys should have learned some skills prior to the contests.
  • The boys are to do the work, the adults just watch.
  • Troops/Patrols are not to be assisted by adult leaders.
  • The boys are to work together as a team; they start together and finish together.
  • The Senior Patrol Leader is the person leading their troop, and the Patrol Leader is the person leading his patrol.
  • A Scout will be a living example of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto and Scout
  • Slogan, and the will camp following the Outdoor Code.

Has Your Unit Signed Up for the Council Camporee Yet?

The Montana Council Camporee will be an incredible event, bringing together Troops, Packs, Crews and Teams from all over the Treasure State to the Townsend Fairgrounds this coming June 19-22!

During the Council Camporee, Scouts will have the opportunity to:

  • Buckle Up by the Montana Highway Patrol
  • Rope making/bridge building by Mountain Valley District
  • Military Recruitment activities
  • Ga Ga Pit (Israeli Dodgebal) by Lewis & Clark District
  • Roll Cage by MDT
  • Human Foosball by Buffalo Plains District
  • M4S by MDT
  • Tomahawks by Vigilante District
  • Indoor Archery Shooting
  • Catapult by Hi-Line and Nu-Ooh-Ska Districts
  • Cross Saw and Branding by Prickly Pear District
  • Order of the Arrow Village
  • CPR Training
  • Attend great music shows
  • Watch a huge fireworks display
  • and many more fun activities!

Has your unit signed up to attend yet?  If not, now is the time!  More information and registration forms are available at montanacouncilcamporee.org.

Volunteers Needed! An Opportunity to Do a Good Turn for Special Olympics

Special Olympics Montana is again putting on the Pedal for the Medal bike ride to raise funds for their programs! We could use your help!

Pedal for the Medal is a fundraising event that features 25, 50 & 100-mile bicycle routes along the Missouri River and Smith River basin outside of Great Falls. This is a fully supported event, meaning we provide rest stops, bicycle mechanics, motorcycle escorts, road signs for safety, lots of food and drinks, and a celebration BBQ at the Finish.

Special Olympics Montana touches the lives of over 2,000 intellectually disabled athletes and their families. SOMT boasts over 40 years of empowering and celebrating the achievements of people who often battle discrimination and exclusion in our communities. P4M will continue Special Olympics Montana’s tradition of inclusive community fundraising for this noble mission.

September 7, 2013
7:00 am until 2:00pm

Leaving from the Town Pump on Gore Hill, the ride will provide rest stops at Ulm, Cascade, Wolf Creek and Eden Bridge.

We are looking for volunteer groups that will adopt a rest stop for the ride. We will provide food and beverages, banners, tables, chairs and signs. We need volunteers to set up the sites, put out food and drink for riders, and generally keep the rest area clean and welcoming. We’ll set up rest stops by 7:00 am on September 7th and take them down no later than 1:00pm.

Special Olympics Montana
Dawn McKenney
Tel: 868-3209
Email: dmckenney@somt.org

Commissioner Training Opportunity in Great Falls on October 27

By Montana Council Commissioner Alan Leech


I’m sorry that I do not have individual email addresses for all of our Montana Commissioners – so this notice falls to you to spread the word.
There are two opportunities for Commissioner Training this month!  Please take advantage of these – attend yourself if possible, and urge others to attend.
1) For those who are near to Nu-Ooh-Ska District, they are planning a Commissioner Basic Training (only) on Saturday, October 20th.  This is being held at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 222 2nd Ave. So., Shelby.  Time is 9:00 a.m.  Either bring your own lunch, or join into group ordering for minimal cost.  [turn West off Main St. in Shelby, underneath the O’Hare Mansion sign, driving uphill.  The Church is a block off main.]
2) A full College of Commissioner Science is one week later, on Saturday, October 27th in Great Falls.  Training is available at all levels in the College, from Basic through Doctorate, and including special courses for District Commissioners and Roundtable Commissioners.  Deadline for sign-up is Oct. 12th (this coming Friday).  The College will be held at the First Congregational UCC / Christ United Methodist Church, 2900 9th Ave. So., Great Falls [Coming from East or West on 10th Ave. South, turn at 29th St. and go north, go past Dairy Queen and the church is the next building on the right.  It takes up the entire north half of the block between 29th and 30th streets.]  Please see the registration forms and information on the Montana Council website at http://www.montanabsa.org/
Help get the word out to those who need the training.  Our Commissioners are becoming extremely important to the success of each Unit and District, and our Council is doing its best to provide the help and information that caring Commissioners need.

It’s time to Go Big and Get Wild!

Hello Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts & Venturers!


          It’s time to Go Big and Get Wild !!!       Are you in ?


National Jamboree 2013 will be the first ever at the new permanent Jamboree site at the Summit-Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.  Our Montana Council has been allocated two contingent Troops; however, if you want to be part of this awesome and historic event you’ll have to act fast because we only have a few spots left!  

 There will be opportunities for Scouts to serve in other ways, too.  Begin thinking about this now and watch for more information soon regarding:

   A.  3rd Assistant Scoutmaster – must be between 18 and 21 years old during Jamboree;

   B.  Troop Leadership – SPL, ASPL, Quartermaster, Scribe, etc.;

   C.  The Jamboree Patch Design Contest for our Montana contingent.

Please see the attached flier with some important info you’ll want to read, including some of the special and unique Jamboree 2013 activities you’ll get to do!

Other great spots to get information include:

  • https://summit.scouting.org   (Jamboree website – COOL!   The information on this site is generic to all units all across the USA;  for specific information on what we are doing, you’ll need to go to the MT Council website…)
  • http://montanabsa.org/announcement.aspx?aid=77   (MT Council website – this is the schedule for Montana Scouts; includes registration and cost information.)

 A few things to remember –

  • Only a few spots are left for this once-in-a-lifetime premier event –Register NOW !
  • Register online at the Summit website (see link above); plus…
  • Print out and mail in the MT Council Contingent registration form (see above).


            Paying for Jamboree is do-able and the entire trip is a great value –

A payment plan is in place to help;

There is still plenty of time to earn some of the money (popcorn!); and

Campership applications are due to BSA by October 1, 2012.




(Adults and Scouts who will be older than 18 – Jamboree still needs Staff !   Get more information and register online via the “Staff” link on the Jamboree website:  https://summit.scouting.org )

We hope you can join us for this Jamboree!  (the next one is scheduled for 2017)

Yours in Scouting,

  Montana’s Jamboree Leadership Team  

Website for 2012 Montana Council Powderhorn Course

People all over North America are talking about our Montana Council 2012 Powderhorn Course!  The course, which is only offered every five years, will be held July 23-27 at Grizzly Base Camp.

Our course was just featured at Scoutingnews.org!  Participants are already signed up from all over the US, Canada and Mexico.  You can learn more at the course’s website, http://www.montanapowderhorn2012.com/.  Trained leaders make for better programs; sign up for Powderhorn today!

“Creatures of the Night” Star Party Extravaganza on November 18

Mars 11/29/09
Image by zAmb0ni via Flickr

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center will be holding a free Star Party Extravaganza on November 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Outside, participants will be stargazing with the Central Montana Astronomy Club.  Jupiter should be very visible — visit NASA’s stargazing site here for some tips on how to locate the biggest planet in our solar system this month. The Clear Sky Chart also reports that Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury should also be visible that evening.


Participating in this activity would be a great way for Scouts to work on their Astronomy merit badge.  This activity could also help a boy earn his First Class rank.  Requirement #1 for the rank is to “Demonstrate how to find directions during the day and at night without using a compass.”

Cub Scouts could work on the Astronomy Belt Loop.   Bear Cubs could also complete their Space electives.

Inside the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, fun can be had by all ages.  From 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., there will be owl and bat finger puppet crafts.

Storytime with Stellaluna will be held at 6:15 p.m., 7:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.

A nocturnal animal presentation, with live owls in the theater, will be held at 7 p.m.

The organizers of the event request that participants bring a non-perishable food item for the Great Falls Community Food Bank.