Celebrate the BSA’s 104th Anniversary in February, 2014!

Units can earn the beautiful purple “104th Anniversary Honor Unit” ribbon!  Complete any two of the following activities during February: 

1.  Attend a religious service as a unit (if possible), wearing your BSA uniforms. (Scout Sunday is Feb. 2nd, Scout Sabbath is Feb. 8th.)

2.  Put up a BSA display in a business’ window.

3.  Conduct a service project.

4.  Perform a flag ceremony outside of your unit’s meeting, wearing Scout uniforms, for a school, service group, governmental meeting, care facility, or other appropriate gathering.

5. Write a letter to the Editor.  Thank your community for their support of Scouting, and name a few of your unit’s service projects.

6.  Secure a Mayoral Proclamation, recognizing BSA Anniversary Week, Feb. 2nd-8th.

7.  As a unit, wear your BSA uniforms to school one day. 

  • Notify the Council office (mimalin@bsamail.org) no later than March 15th which activities the unit completed.  
  • The Units that submit the best information (photos, news articles, CDs, etc.) about their activities will receive a special award at the Annual Montana Council meeting.
  • Thanks in advance for your BSA Anniversary Month activities!