Air Show Participation

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Subject: Air Show Participation

I have been able to get 50 individual passes and 5 reserved parking passes for each day (Sat and Sun). Please respond with the names and which day you would prefer to volunteer for. To ensure there is NO confusion, ALL VOLUNTEERS should provide me this information so I can get them their passes, too. Friday volunteers are needed for set up, too. All Scouts are welcome to participate, mostly in selling Souvenir Programs, but can also help at the booth. All Volunteers are reminded that the Aviation Merit Badge Scouts take priority in the issue of passes (But I can get more!!)

More later tonight when I can get things set up this afternoon!!!

Lonnie Adkins

District Chair for Aviation Merit Badge and Air Show

Air Show Volunteer Sign Up Sheet.doc

Aviation MB ANG Base Entry Procedures

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Subject: Aviation MB ANG Base Entry Procedures

A change in the method of entering the Guard Base. All visitors must be escorted. Therefore, my wife, Rhonda, will be at the small Air Park to the left of the Main Gate. She and others who have military IDs will escort all visitors to the OPS building. PLEASE be at the Air Park at 0730 to expedite the process. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHOSE SCOUT IS GOING TO ATTEND, AND NOT ON THIS LIST, please CALL AND LET THEM KNOW of this change.

This is gonna be fun!

Yours in Scouting, Lonnie Adkins

Avn_MB Sign Up Sheet.doc

Looking for a Community Service Project: The Harvest Thunder Triathlon needs volunteers!!

Scouts and Scouters;

The Harvest Thunder Triathlon ( is a family friendly community event. The event is a fundraiser for Gibson Park.

Can you donate volunteer hours to help the event happen? More information below …


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Subject: HT Volunteers

I need volunteers for –

Body Marking (3)
Coordination of Athletes in the Pool Area (2)
Bike Course (8)
Run Course (7)
Finish Line (5)
Photography (1)
Assist the Timing Company (1)
Assist the Announcer (1)
I will need volunteers from 6AM to Noon.  There is a free pool party until 2 for all racers and volunteers.
Anyone interested, please forward the following information to Name, preferred phone #, e-mail address, t-shirt size, and preference for volunteer location.  If they want to volunteer with a friend, please note that as well. I will contact them to verify their race day position.
Volunteer Pre-Race meeting @ Electric City Water Park – 21 River Drive on Sunday, August 14th @ 6AM.
Volunteer T-shirt and goodie bags can be picked up early (if you would like) @ the Foot and Ankle Clinic in the Evergreen Square – 1301- 11th Ave. S. on Saturday, August 13th between 10AM and 5 PM.
Thanks – Peg

AVN MB and Air Show Schedule

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Subject: AVN MB and Air Show Schedule

BCC’ed for your privacy. Do not “reply to all”

Here is the Schedule for the Aviation MB and the Airshow. I’ve also included the volunteer and MB sign up sheets in a .doc format for those who cannot read .docx The L&C Blog has our info too, Go and see!

Once again, I need the NAME and DRIVERS LISCENCE NUMBERS of those who are driving Boys to the Guard Base. You will go through the gate and down the main street, thru a round-about and make a right turn on the primary street. A large “modernist” building will be to your forward left. That is building 79, OPERATIONS Park in the parking lot and come on in. More Later, I got back late last night and am getting this out before work.

Yours in Scouting, Lonnie Adkins

Air Show Volunteer Sign Up Sheet.doc

Avn_MB Sign Up Sheet.doc


Aviation Merit Badge/Airshow details

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Date: July 21, 2011 8:03:40 PM MDT
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Subject: Aviation Merit Badge

Hello Scouts and Scouters!

The date is rapidly approaching to work on the Aviation Merit Badge and help out at the Flight over the Falls Air Show! Below are the requirements from the AVN MB that will be used to earn our merit badge. There are more in the Merit badge book, and I encourage each Scout to look over the other requirements and see if they interest him. I’ll be happy to work with each Scout to give him the best possible experience. A comprehensive schedule will be published shortly. Here is the short version.

Tuesday, 26 July

Requirements 1a — d and 3a

Wednesday, 27 July

Requirements 2b and 5

Saturday, 30 July and Sunday, 31 July

Requirement 4. c — Attend and Volunteer at Air Show


1. a.Define “aircraft.” Describe some kinds and uses of aircraft today. Explain the operation of piston, turboprop, and jet engines.

b.Point out on a model airplane the forces that act on an airplane in flight.

c.Explain how an airfoil generates lift, how the primary control surfaces (ailerons, elevators, and rudder) affect the airplane’s attitude, and how a propeller produces thrust.

d .Demonstrate how the control surfaces (Ailerons, Elevators, Rudder, Flaps) of an airplane are used for takeoff, straight climb, level turn, climbing turn, descending turn, straight descent, and landing.

e.Explain the following: the recreational pilot and the private pilot certificates; the instrument rating.

2. a. Take a flight in an aircraft with your parent’s permission. Record the date, place, type of aircraft, and duration of flight, and report on your impressions of the flight.

b. Under supervision, perform a preflight inspection of a light airplane.

3. b. Build a model FPG-9. Get others in your troop or patrol to make their own model, then organize a competition to test the precision of flight and landing of the models.

4. c. Visit an aviation museum or attend an air show. Report on your impressions of the museum or show.

5. Find out about three career opportunities in aviation. Pick one, and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.

I’ve found Volunteers who will be providing instruction in the requirements; Military, Commercial and Civil Aviation Pilots, Operations Specialists machinists, etc.. All the Requirements will be met, with the exception of 2.a. I have promises for light aircraft from some private pilots, and we are trying for flights in a helicopter from Malmstrom. We will try to get as many Flights as possible as soon as possible so as to build a schedule and flight plan to present for district approval. HOWEVER, in order to build this schedule, I MUST have the Scouts names by MONDAY, 25 July. I’ve included a consent form. Please fill it out for your Scout and return it to me. Leave the date blank and I will contact you when we go to build the schedule.

Next most important item – I must have the name and driver’s license number of each person driving onto the MT ANG base, whether dropping the boys off or picking them up. I must get this info to the Security Forces so as to allow entry to the base.

Also, don’t forget to Volunteer (Scouts and Scout Parents, Tigers and Partners, Cubs and Venturers, too) for help setting up and during the Show itself

Okee -Dokee More info to follow as I get it!

Yours in Scouting,

Lonnie D. Adkins, Scoutmaster Troop 7

Avn MB Orientation Flight Plan Consent 19-673.pdf

Avn_MB Sign Up Sheet.docx

Air Show Volunteer Sign Up Sheet.docx

An Opportunity to Do a Good Turn for Special Olympics

Law Enforcement Torch Run® is creating a new cycling event to raise money for Special Olympics Montana. We could use your help!

Pedal for the Medal is a fundraising event that features 25, 50 & 100-mile bicycle routes along the Missouri River and Smith River basin outside of Great Falls. This is a fully supported event, meaning we provide rest stops, bicycle mechanics, motorcycle escorts, road signs for safety, lots of food and drinks, and a celebration BBQ at the Finish.

Special Olympics Montana touches the lives of over 2,000 intellectually disabled athletes and their families. SOMT boasts over 40 years of empowering and celebrating the achievements of people who often battle discrimination and exclusion in our communities. P4M will continue Special Olympics Montana’s tradition of inclusive community fundraising for this noble mission.

September 10, 2011
7:00 am until 2:00pm

Leaving from the Town Pump on Gore Hill, the ride will provide rest stops at Ulm, Cascade, Wolf Creek and Eden Bridge.

We are looking for volunteer groups that will adopt a rest stop for the ride. We will provide food and beverages, banners, tables, chairs and signs. We need volunteers to set up the sites, put out food and drink for riders, and generally keep the rest area clean and welcoming. We’ll set up rest stops by 7:00 am on September 10th and take them down no later than 1:00pm.

Special Olympics Montana
Sheila Kelly
Tel: 216-5327


A registration form with more information can be found at this link.