Opportunity to Earn Your Aviation Merit Badge!

Hello Scouters!! Please get this out to all of your Scouts and other Scouters! (including Cubs, Webelos, Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts) Please see the flyer for info.

The Aviation merit badge was one of the Original 57 Merit Badges issued by the Boy Scouts of America in 1911. Working with Lt Col Carlton of the MT ANG, we’ve been able to arrange for District Boy Scouts to work for their Aviation Merit Badge and attend the Flight Over the Falls Air Show. VOLUNTEERS for the AIR SHOW are also needed; Scouters, Cubs, Venture Scouts are all welcome to participate.

Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge Academics and Air Show Coordination is scheduled on 26 July from 0800 – 1200 and 27 July from 1300 – 1700 in the Operations Auditorium of the Montana Air National Guard. A Flight Schedule is yet to be determined, as we are working with the Experimental Aviation Association to include their “Young Eagles” program. Also, some Volunteer work can be done, i.e., setting up parking spaces, ramp set-up etc.

As for the Air Show itself, I’ve asked that the Scouts WORKING on their Merit badge be able to attend the pre-game show on Friday night and meet with the Blue Angels or other aviation professionals. Saturday and Sunday, Scout Volunteers may help by gathering and disposing of trash, running water to workers, acting as parking attendants, and ramp tear down.

Now for a kicker that will really please everyone; we can set up and manage a booth. There is some legal issues involved with selling stuff and I am awaiting info for review. However, we can use this as a recruiting tool. A couple adult Scouters, a couple Scouts (Tiger, Cub, Scouts and Venturers) and we can sign people up. I’m going to need help with this one, but we can feature a slide show, projects boys have done, a Kayak, other crafts, rockets, a nature board I need help with this one if anyone wants to help out it would be a great opportunity.

I will have more in the next couple days, so keep checking!!!

Yours in scouting
Lonnie Adkins
Scoutmaster, Troop 7
Phone: (406) 791-0544 (office)
Cell: (618) 363-4003 (private)
E-mail: Troop7Scoutmaster@bresnan.net

Mark Your Calendar for Scout Night at Voyager Stadium!

August 26 will be a fun night for Scouts throughout the Lewis and Clark District! Scouts in uniform get free admittance to the Voyager Baseball game that night — there will be special prizes and promotions available to Scouts in attendance!

Bring your tent and bag — after the game, Scouts will get to camp in the outfield for the night. Sorry, no campfires …

Busy Scouting Weeks Ahead!

Lewis and Clark District Committee and Scouters:

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks!  For those of you that attended the Council Camporee, I am sure that you agree that it was an incredible event and an example of what a Scouting event can be with lots of great planning and enthusiasm.

This week brings us Cub Day Camp and a visit from our national Chief Scout Bob Mazzuca.  Next week brings us the Independence Day Parade, as a number of units begin to leave for Summer Camp and City Commission action on our lease for the Medicine River Scout Center.
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Boy Scouts’ National Chief Scout Executive to present award to John Fassler June 23

Press Release

Contact:  Jack Sherick, Assistant Scout Executive, 761-6000 (Scout office)
Mary Matelich, Public Relations VP, 899-4256

GREAT FALLS, MT:  On Thursday, June 23rd at 3:30pm, the National Chief Scout Executive, Mr. Robert Mazzuca, will present the National Hall of Leadership award to Montana Council’s only recipient, John Fassler, at the Boy Scouts’ Service Center, 820 17th Ave. So.

The nomination of John Fassler for the National Hall of Leadership Award describes some of the reasons why John was selected:

He has positively affected the lives of many people through his years of service to Scouting, Little League, area charities, and incarcerated people.  John served as Scoutmaster for Great Falls Troop 1004 for more than 30 years, until his retirement in 2005. He received the Outstanding Scoutmaster Award, District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver Award. In addition to his Scouting, John coached Little League for 35 years. His service to youth is legendary.

In a Great Falls Tribune article, he was asked why, when his own kids are grown, when his energy level should be decreasing, and when parental interference seems to be increasing, does he continue to devote so much time to youth. Fassler smiled, then answered with a story. “A few years ago, I was headed to the Big Hole fishing,” he said, “and I stopped in a sporting goods store in Butte. Well, the man there behind the counter said ‘Mr. Fassler, Mr. Fassler.’ I had no idea who it was, but he remembered me.” That, said Fassler, is what it’s all about. “It just makes you feel good when kids remember you.” John serves as Charity Manager for St. Vincent de Paul. John makes regular visits to our state prisons in Great Falls and Deer Lodge. John Fassler’s life serves as the best Montana example of truly living the Scout Oath and Law each day.

Mr. Mazzuca will share how the BSA is staying relevant to youth today through the new programming and technology adoption, while remaining true to the core values that have enabled Scouting to deeply impact millions of lives. Specifically, he’ll discuss:

  • Plans to launch a “healthy living” initiative to make sure Scouts, and all young people, are healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  • Recent updates to current programs to help meet the evolving needs of both youth and parents.
  • The BSA’s new focus on technology, including offering new merit badges for Geocaching, Inventing and Robotics; making merit badge books available in an e-reader format; making the Scout handbook available as an iPhone application, and changes to the Boy Scout uniform that make it fit better with kids’ modern lifestyles.

For more information, please contact Jack Sherick, 761-6000.

Chief Scout Executive, Chief Earl Old Person honored June 23

Press Release

For More Information Contact:

Jack Sherick, Assistant Scout Executive, Montana Council, 761-6000

Mary Matelich, VP Public Relations

Chief Scout Executive, Chief Earl Old Person honored June 23 

(GREAT FALLS, MT — June 16, 2011)  The Montana Council, Boy Scouts of America, is pleased to announce that Mr. Robert Mazzuca, national Chief Scout Executive, will speak at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, 4201 Giant Springs Road, on Thursday, June 23 at 7:00pm.  The theme for the celebration is “Welcoming the Second Century of the BSA and Celebrating Scouting in Montana.” Chief Earl Old Person will be honored for his lifetime achievements in the Boy Scouts.  Jim Kizer, Director of the Rescue Mission, will offer the invocation.

Complimentary tickets can be reserved by phone, 761-6000 or on line, www.montanabsa.org. Seating is limited to 160 people, and tickets are going quickly.

This is only the second time that a Chief Scout Executive has visited Montana.  Mr. Mazzuca will also visit Columbus on June 24th and Kalispell June 25th, where he will dedicate the BSA Centennial Forest.

Sponsors for the Great Falls event include Orthopedic Center of Montana, Chuck and Gerry Jennings, DADavidson, Pacific Steel & Recycling, Benefis, Stelling Engineers, Taylor Automax, and Conner and Pinski.

For more information, please contact Jack Sherick, 868-5662 or 761-6000.

District Day Camp Letter to Parents


The theme this year is “MEDICINE RIVER POW-WOW”.  There are just a few reminders to help make camp a rewarding experience for them.  If your boy has special needs or anxiety problems, please let us know as early as possible so we can plan accordingly.
Drop-off is between 8:15 – 8:30 am. Pickup is at 5 pm. Friday will be the day Tigers can join us with a parent.

Campfire followed by a BBQ is on Friday. The Campfire starts at 4:30 pm and involves all of the boys. The BBQ will be after the Campfire. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Your son is in Den#___________ and will be given a __________________color camp T-shirt.

He will wear it every day. Please wash it every night so he is ready for the next day.

  • Do send a healthy packed lunch. Each Den will have a cooler to put the lunches in.
  • Don’t send pop. Send water.
  • Don’t let your son wear sandals.  A good pair of Tennis shoes is the perfect attire.
  • Don’t send your son in shorts. Pants are required this year.
  • Do send your son in a Hat.
  • Do send a backpack.
  • Do send Sunscreen and Bug Spray.
  • Do send 20 pony beads and a 29 oz. empty can.
  • Don’t send a pocket knife to camp with your son.
  • Do Send a note if he is leaving early or being dropped off or picked up by anyone but you.  If there is no signed note, we will not release him with anyone else until we have confirmation from you.
  • Don’t let your son bring any electronics or phones.

Camp phone# 403-9113.

Ron Colwell, Cub Scout Day Camp Director

Agenda for District Roundtable and Meeting, TOMORROW

Boy Scouts of America
Montana Council
Lewis and Clark District
District Roundtable and Meeting
LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Ave S
June 7, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

  1. Roundtables/Training Features of the Month, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. — Topics: This will be a joint Roundtable with Ruth Fischer from the Scout Office doing a presentation and answering questions about the new Tour Plans. Ruth is the person in the office who handles the Tour Plans, so if you have any questions, she is the person to ask! It is extremely important that each unit has someone attend this Roundtable!
  2. District meeting Call to Order, 7:30 p.m.Opening Ceremony
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the March meeting
  4. Welcome, introductions and recognitions
  5. Individual Committee Meetings – 30 minutes
  6. Reports and plans of Individual Committees
    1. Cub Day Camp
    2. Wadsworth/MRSC
    3. Council Camporee
    4. Air Show
    5. 4th of July Parade
    6. Scout Show
  7. District Executive Report
    1. Upcoming Events
    2. Membership Actual vs. Goal
    3. Finance Actual vs. Goal
  8. District Commissioner Report
  9. District Chair/Vice Chair Report
    1. District Recharter
    2. Bob Mazzuca event
  10. Other Business
  11. Closing Ceremony
  12. Adjournment. Next meeting July 5, 2011, 6:30 p.m. at LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Avenue South