Commissioner Training Opportunity in Great Falls on October 27

By Montana Council Commissioner Alan Leech


I’m sorry that I do not have individual email addresses for all of our Montana Commissioners – so this notice falls to you to spread the word.
There are two opportunities for Commissioner Training this month!  Please take advantage of these – attend yourself if possible, and urge others to attend.
1) For those who are near to Nu-Ooh-Ska District, they are planning a Commissioner Basic Training (only) on Saturday, October 20th.  This is being held at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 222 2nd Ave. So., Shelby.  Time is 9:00 a.m.  Either bring your own lunch, or join into group ordering for minimal cost.  [turn West off Main St. in Shelby, underneath the O’Hare Mansion sign, driving uphill.  The Church is a block off main.]
2) A full College of Commissioner Science is one week later, on Saturday, October 27th in Great Falls.  Training is available at all levels in the College, from Basic through Doctorate, and including special courses for District Commissioners and Roundtable Commissioners.  Deadline for sign-up is Oct. 12th (this coming Friday).  The College will be held at the First Congregational UCC / Christ United Methodist Church, 2900 9th Ave. So., Great Falls [Coming from East or West on 10th Ave. South, turn at 29th St. and go north, go past Dairy Queen and the church is the next building on the right.  It takes up the entire north half of the block between 29th and 30th streets.]  Please see the registration forms and information on the Montana Council website at
Help get the word out to those who need the training.  Our Commissioners are becoming extremely important to the success of each Unit and District, and our Council is doing its best to provide the help and information that caring Commissioners need.

College of Commissioner Science in the Flathead

Fellow Scouters,
It has been five years since the last College of Commissioner Science was held here in the Northwest corner of the state. We have scheduled a course for April 21st here in Kalispell. In order for this to be a success we need to know how many are interested in attending this one day training. The cost is $30.00 which includes your books, patch and lunch. Classes will start at 8:30am and run until 5:00pm. We have to have at least 20 participants to make this a go.

Even though this course was written for commissioners at all levels it is a must for all involved in the Scouting program. All Unit Leaders, COR’s, Unit Committee Chairman, Committee Members, District and Council Members should attend this course.

I have attached the Bachelors Program to give you an idea of what is actually going to happen the day of training. Also is a list of the classes that will be taught by specific programs for those wanting to obtain their Masters (2nd year) and PHD (3rd year).

From three years straight (2005-2007) the course had over 35 Scouter’s in attendance each year. This shows you how in demand this course is.

I need to know if their are at least 20 Scouters interested in attending so the planning for this can begin. Pass this on to your units. Please send me a quick response with your name and what level you would be taking. An official registration sign up sheet will be coming out as soon as we have a location.

In the Spirit of Scouting,
Jim Atkinson

BCS Timeline 120421.pdf