District Backpacking Trip

Next month, July 28th-30th, will be our district backpacking trip for Scouts in the Lewis and Clark District.  This trip is limited to a maximum of 8 Scouts so that we are in compliance with National Forest Service wilderness camping group size requirements.

Participating Scouts must be at least 14 or have already earned their 1st Class Rank.  In addition, this is a backpacking trip into the wilderness backcountry and participating Scouts must be capable of carrying all of their gear for about 14 miles over mountain passes, across streams, and potentially over/under/around any trees that have fallen on trail.

In addition, each Scout must have a backpack with a hip belt that fits them well and can store all of their needs for a weekend.  Scouts must bring their own backpack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, mess kit, clothes, etc.  In addition, due to the current environment of precautions we now live in, we need each Scout to sleep individually in their own shelter.  Therefore, we also need each Scout to provide their own tent.  We may have a couple of extra one man tents that Scouts can borrow, but we do not have enough available for every Scout.

If you have any questions about the tent situation, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or text Kyle Roberts 868-5648 or kylerobertsfirst@me.com.

There will be a planning meeting on Wednesday 7/8 at 6:30pm at Lions Park (under the pavilion if it is raining).  At this meeting we will hand out maps, provide a pack list, discuss food needs, and shakedown packs to ensure that everyone is bringing the necessary gear (but also leaving at home extraneous stuff).

The trip is always a lot of fun and the Scouts will learn many new skills while having a memorable adventure through a truly spectacular landscape!

Kyle needs to know as soon as possible what Scouts are interested in joining us for this trip.  Please call/text Kyle if your Scout or someone in your troop wants to be a part of this experience.