Greetings from the Camping Committee

Well we managed to sucessfully complete the Klondike amid a dismal brown winter weekend. I would like to thank all of you who braved the 40 degree temps Friday night and the numbing 16 degree Saturday morning. We had some great fun with the brown scenerio events that included water jug curling , gps testing, survival training and an awesome nightime Yeti hunt. Couldn’t have done it without Mr. Locke and Papa Paul building the Curling Rink. Special thanks to Johnson Madison and Tim and Brandon Locke for building the GaGa Ball Pit.

I also want to thank Rex Jewitt and Bob Dowdy for their support and help. Many thanks go to the Troop leadership that helped to run the events. My personal favorite thing was watching Troops 151/152 bring in the Wily Yeti as I did not think they would find him. Thank you to Wyatt LaBelle for taking the time to make the hunt fun by dressing up as a Yeti and hiding for hours and getting stepped on by multiple boys.I hope someone will post his picture on Facebook.

The results of the Klondike will be posted soon so until then………..


Forrest C. LaBelle ….. Chairman