The Lewis & Clark District Roundtable meeting is a monthly informal gathering for all adult leaders and parents, as well as Venturing Youth leaders, to obtain information, fellowship, and support.
Why do I need Roundtable?
This is where you can get information about upcoming events and changes that pertain to our District and Council. This monthly meeting is highly recommended for all leaders, as it provides a great variety of interesting and informative training topics to help all adults better serve our youth. It’s a great resource for getting answers to all your Scouting questions from your fellow Scout leaders, even if you want to just learn more about Scouting, or have a specific problem for which you would like to get advice.
Who: YOU! All leaders, parents, & volunteers
When: Every month on the Second Tuesday (unless otherwise announced) at 6:00pm.
Where: 1015 15th Ave South, Great Falls, MT

Roundtable Staff

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Boy Scout Roundtable

Stephen Boyd

Laura Boyd