Invest in Character & Leadership

Current Unit ICL Status

This is a breakdown of the current Family Investment in Character & Leadership campaign for 2020. Scouting costs the Montana Council about $250 per Scout to provide activities and events like summer camps, day camps, and ensuring that no Scout is denied opportunities due to their financial circumstances.

Achieving a Quartz level for ICL means your Pack or Troop has funded Scouting at a rate of $100 per youth in that Pack or Troop, Garnet is $175, and Sapphire is $250 per youth. Each level comes with its own benefits, including Council camp discounts, free adult trainings, and discounts on advancement patches at the Council Scout Shops.

Beyond the benefits to a Pack or Troop, funding Scouting is the best way to help the Montana Council achieve our vision of preparing every eligible youth to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

Current Troop & Pack Levels

District Family ICL Goal