Montana Council Executive Board withholds support for Medicine River Scout Center

On December 10, the Montana Council Executive Board voted to withhold their support from the Lewis and Clark District Committee’s request to develop the Medicine River Scout Center site into a more functional and permanent part of the Lewis and Clark District Scouting Program.  Scouters from Lewis and Clark District have engaged the Council Board for about 6 months to solicit their questions and concerns.  The issues raised have been addressed to the best of District supporters’ ability in the period before the vote.

In the Executive Board meeting:  A member of the Board from Lewis and Clark District made the first motion after the call for motions was placed by the Council President.  This motion stipulated a one-year due-diligence period for the Council to produce a list of concerns and conditions that the District would be required to address after which period a final Council vote would occur.  This motion was not seconded.  A new motion was made to withhold all Council support from further development of Medicine River Scout Center and to not pursue renewal of the existing lease that expires in July 2016.  This motion was seconded and carried in the ensuing vote.

An ad hoc committee established by the District Chairman for the purpose of promoting the development of MRSC in our district will meet soon to discuss 1) the district’s response to the council vote, 2) district plans for MRSC in the remaining 1 1/2 years of lease, and finally 3) local options for an ongoing relationship with the City of Great Falls to utilize this site for the benefit of youth in our area.  Please continue to share your thoughts with the district committee on this and other issues affecting us in Lewis and Clark District.