Fall Camporee 2019

Lewis & Clark District Fall Camporee 2019 Leaders Guide

October 4, 5 & 6 at  Logging Creek Campground 


Directions: Head east on Highway 89/200 at Armington Jct turn right toward Monarch. On  Evans/Riceville Road turn right. Travel 14 miles to Forest Service Road 839. Proceed 2 miles to the campground. Signs will be posted.  Latitude 47.10111111 Longitude -111.008889

Registration:  Registration is $10 per person, payable at Camp when you arrive. This has changed so you are not penalized for drop offs and cancelations. Please e-mail/text Forrest (desireesoapcompany@gmail.com, 406-788-0657) the number of Scouts and adults you expect to attend by September 30th. Please also provide the name of one adult from your troop to help with the judging.

NOTE: Sanitary facilities are available but possibly no water. Pack it in and pack it out in effect. 

ARRIVAL: This location is an assigned location based on how many people you expect to arrive. We are camping in a Forest service Campground. Do not park on any non-graveled spot. You must stop and register when arriving.

  • Friday night we will have a traveler’s feast of a mysterious nature.
  • SPL and Leader Meeting will be at 9pm. Leaders and SPL’s only. Meeting location will be given at Check-in.

Check in:  All troops need to check in with the camping committee when they arrive in camp.  The camping committee needs to know the final numbers so that they may prepare for the contests.  The camping committee will also show/tell you where you can set up camp and where to park your vehicles. 

Check out:  All Troops need to check out with the camping committee before they leave camp. Make sure your camp area is clean – “Leave no Trace”.

Camporee Schedule. 

  • There will be STATIONS until 12 PM then a lunch break. 
  • Fishing and hiking will be the rest of your day. 
  • There will be a Camp Sponsored hike at 1 pm on the Deep Creek Recreation Trail.

Fall Camporee Contest

  1. Flags: American, Troop Camp layout and organization. No Gates required. You will be judged on all points of Good Scouting Practices and Camp setup with rosters and menus written and posted. 300 point
  2. Day Packs: Each Scout must have with them at all times a pack including: Water, Snacks or trail food, First aid kit, Socks, Gloves, Hat, and rubber snake (extra points) 100 points
  3. Wheelchair Awareness: Move a wheelchair in a handicap bathroom ramp. 200 points
  4. Mastering the use of crutches: Use crutches around an obstacle course. 200 points
  5. Blindness: Complete a course while blindfolded. 200 points
  6. Deafness: Complete a task without hearing your helper. 200 points
  7. Limb impairment: Put on overalls with only one arm. 200 points
  8. Skits: Sing a song about Hiking or Camping. 300 points
  9. Cooking Contest: Make a Kebab of your choosing to be judged by a highly trained group of eaters. Points awarded for most cleaver name of dish. The kebab stick must be hand made by the Scouts. (Judging of creation will be in your camp) 300 points
  10. Scoutmaster or adult Leader’s Tacky Attire contest. To be judged at Campfire awards and judged by the Scouts themselves. (Winner gets three free passes to Klondike.)
  11. Chuck a Chicken….For Prizes: See how far you can chuck a dead bird. Chicken nuggets will be served immediately after the event. 

Awesome Scout award: Each troop will post a candidate for Scouter Award that will be put into a drawing box for a fantastic prize. Scout must be present to win.

General Rules 

  • Camping sites will be assigned on a Troop size basis.
  • One of the most important parts of a Fall Camp is to keep warm and dry. Each Scout must know what to wear. Montana weather is very changeable, requiring preparedness for any condition. A nice day can turn into a very cold night.
  • Your best protection is common sense. Dress in layers. Avoid working up a sweat, and stay comfortable by removing or adding layers. Cotton clothing is not good. Wool is.
  •  Waterproof boots are essential. Wear good wicking socks.
  • A good wool or thermal hat is needed; it must be able to cover your ears. You can also wear it in your sleeping bag. A scarf is also important, to cover your neck.
  • Good gloves and a backup pair for each Scout. The best for back-up is mittens in wool.
  • Scouts are more vulnerable to cold at meals, because they do not move around as much. Adults need to ask each Scout if he is dry and not sweaty. If needed have them change clothes.
  • Clothing inspection. Unit leaders should visually inspect each Scout before they hit the trail. 
  • If the Camping Committee sees a Scout unfit to task he may be pulled from events.
  • Webelos – There will be no Webelo specific events at Fall camporee.
  • Patrol size: Patrols should have a minimum of 3-4 scouts in a patrol and a maximum of 6 scouts. In the scoring of the points for completion of an event, scores will be adjusted mathematically so that small or large patrols are not handicapped or given an unfair advantage.
  • Campfires are limited to camp site fire pits. There will not be wood provided. Shovels need to be by each fire as well as water, and adult supervision at all times. 
  • No pets except Service Animals.
  • You must have at least “Two Deep Leadership” and leader“Youth Protection” training.  
  • You should also have a copy of the “Medical Form” for each scout and each leader, in addition to “Parent Permission Slips” and a copy of “Guide to Safe Scouting”.  

Camping Committee Philosophy: 

  • Adults are welcome to watch their scouts compete.
  • The scouts should have learned some skills prior to the contests.
  • The scouts are to do the work, the adults just watch.
  • Troops/Patrols are not to be assisted by adult leaders.
  • The scouts are to work together as a team; they start together and finish together.
  • The Senior Patrol Leader is the person leading their troop, and the Patrol Leader is the person leading their patrol.
  • A Scout will be a living example of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto and Scout Slogan, and the will camp following the Outdoor Code.
  • The contests will be announced and explained as much as possible and as early as possible.
Fall Camporee 2019

Fall Camporee 2019

Fall Camporee will take place on Oct. 4-6 at Logging Creek Campground. 
The theme is Disabilities Awareness. Troop 1 is tasked with patch design.

The evening festivities will have the Patrols come up with a Hiking or Camping Song.

The cooking competition will be kebabs with a hand carved kebab stick made by the Patrols. Points will also include best name of their Kebab creation.
More details to come.

Spring Camporee 2019: What you need to know

Here are a few things you need to know for Spring Camporee 2019.

  1. Location: Willow Creek Reservoir 
  2. Troops need to bring drinking water as the only water source is the lake
  3. There are above ground fire pits
  4. Scouts will need to have fishing license if they want to fish

You can find information about fishing license here: http://bit.ly/2JiB99T.

And where to buy them here: http://fwp.mt.gov/fish/license/licenseProviders.html

The weather looks like it might be rainy but thankfully maybe not windy but the forecast is waffling back and forth so please prepare for both.

This Week in Scouts: March 22

Camping Season is Here!

Scouts salute the flag at Camporee.

Spring is upon us and so is camping season!

Plans are underway for both Trail to First Class on April 12-14 (find the Trail to First Class Leader Guide here and don’t forget to register for IOLS/BALOO Training) and Spring Camporee on May 17-19.

Please contact Gene, for more information about Trail to 1st Class, or Forrest about Camporee.

Fundraising in Choteau

Tonight is our first rural ICL event in Choteau. The District is hosting a spaghetti dinner starting at 6:30p, and it is going to be a great night for Scouting (And a lovely night for a drive out to Choteau ????)!

Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food pick up is tomorrow – stay tuned for the results! Food will be set out at 8 a.m. and picked up after 9. New this year, Scouts and Scouters are asked to enter the Great Falls Food Bank through the main door, not the garage door, to help with unloading. Vehicles may still use the garage door but pedestrians please use the front door.

Rotary Eagle Luncheon

The Rotary Eagle Lunch is coming up on April 9. If you are planning to attend please contact Bill, 406-761-7746.

Fall Camporee: Sept. 14-16 Schedule and Program

Fall Camporee Schedule


5 pm to 9 pm Arrive and Set-up
9:15 pm Cracker Barrel
11 pm Lights Out


7 am Reveille and Breakfast
9 am Flags
9:30 am Morning Activities Begin
12 pm Lunch
2 pm Hike and GEO hide
6 pm Dinner
8 pm Campfire
11 pm Lights Out


7 am Reveille
Be sure to zero out with a Committee Person and collect patches.

Fall Camporee Program

1. Morning Program … possible 500 points

You will be tasked to find with your GPS 11 different locations that contain a letter. This group will spell the name of a mountain. Patrols will be required to learn the operations of a GPS device at their specific Troop meetings and bring said device to the Camporee.
The morning hunt will be a GEODASH with staggered starts…announced at Cracker Barrel.

2. Afternoon Program … possible 500 points

A hike along the North Shore Trail to hide a Geocache box.
Each Scout needs a day pack for the hike with the 10 essentials.

Each patrol will need:

  • a GPS device
  • A prize to put in the box (small please)
  • A 3”x5” spiral notebook with Patrol name and Troop name, Scoutmaster and address inside the cover.
  • One dice
  • Mountain money
  • One 33 gallon trash bag per man in patrol
  • Binoculars
  • A knit hat
  • Duct tape

A Montana map … Possible 100 points

3. Campfire

Skits are a possible 200 points.

Theme: Spooky story

Dutch oven pizza contest … possible 200 points

Bake a pizza of your choosing to compete (trial by Judges).
Most creative name of their pizza will win an extra 100 points.

No competition will be held for any campsite requirements.

July 2018 District Report

Note from the District Executive

Partially due to the fact that July’s District Committee Meeting is canceled, we are introducing the Digital District Report! I hope you like this format.
I want to hear what you think! Reply to this email or leave a comment on the post on the District Blog!
If you haven’t yet, please like the Lewis & Clark District Page on Facebook! Continue reading “July 2018 District Report”

A few notes from the OA

OA Elections are fast drawing to a close. If any Unit is still wanting to hold an election, please contact Gene Cantley ASAP.
Also a few reminders to the Troops: you need to contact Gene with numbers of youth and adults who will be attending Trail & what their Troop will be teaching if they have not already done so.
Plus most importantly the Scoutmaster Dutch Oven Cooking competition secret ingredient is Jalapenos NOT sauerkraut.
Gene Cantley ((406)-231-7073),
Ney-I-Yah Chapter Advisor