Steve’s 2020 Growth Conference Recap

Sandra was invited to the 2020 Growth Conference, and I got to tag along (go see her recap, first)! I did a video recap over on my Scout blog, Boy Scouts Tech and I wanted to share the highlights of the conference with you:

Scouting’s best kept secret is the advances the national team have made with technology AND how they are going to manage program changes in the future – that is, how they are going to keep Scouting relevant in the 21st century. They have committed to using the Agile method of development, which will turnout great results for improving our technology and program materials.

They are also committed to reducing the amount of “regalia” we, as volunteers, need to buy for ourselves and our Scouts. For example, they are eliminating Tiger Scout socks, den-specific Den Leader patches (all Den Leaders will wear the Cub Scout Den Leader patch going forward) and there will only be one Cub Scout Belt, instead of den-specific belts.

Here are some of the resources that they passed along, please check them out!

  • Scoutbook Help Desk – tons of new and great resources with video how-tos!
  • Den Leader Tips & Tricks Videos – everything new and veteran Den Leaders need to roll into a productive Scouting year!
  • Scout Book Den Leader (BETA) sandbox – schedule an entire Scouting year for your den in a few clicks!
    • National IT is expecting to roll out a similar thing for Scouts BSA troops for youth leaders to plan out their Troops’ program
  • Explorer Career Interest Survey – now available online!
  • Scouting’s Bug Reporting system – having trouble with a BSA IT system? Lots of questions & answers available here, and the ability to open a trouble ticket with the National BSA IT team.
  • BSA Brand Center – are you building flyers or other materials online or printed? Please use the BSA brand center! The BSA’s marketing team has tons of pre-made content that has been market tested and complies with all our brand guidelines!

2020 Leadership Growth Conference Report

This year, because Lewis & Clark District grew by 6%, I was eligible to attend the 2020 Leadership Growth Conference, which was organized by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Unit serving executives, like me, were gathered from all across the world – where ever the Boy Scouts of America has a Council! The top 60 executives were selected from each of the four Scouting regions.

It was a quick trip down Dallas, Texas, but the Montana Council was well represented. In addition to me, Dave Snyder, DE for Central District, Scott Jourdonnais, DE for Mullan Trail District, and Dustin Shoemake acting DE/Field Director for Nu Oh Ska District, attended the conference!

From left to right: Michael Ramsey, BSA Director of Marketing, me, Dave Snyder Central District DE, Scott Jourdonnais, Mullan Trail District DE

Thursday evening we gathered for an awards dinner. It was a great evening of fellowship and BBQ. Each attendee was recognized individually by name and was congratulated by National leaders including the directors of Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA, the Director of Membership Growth, and others.

Friday morning we had breakfast bright and early. The first order of business was for everyone to move to a table with people they did not know. That was a fun opportunity to network and talk to people from other Councils and regions.

Over the morning, we heard from Anthony Berger, National Director of Cub Scouting, Garfield Murden, National Director of Scouts BSA, Tim Anderson National Director of Exploring, Pat Wellen, Research and Strategy, and Michael Ramsey, National Director of Marketing and Brand Management. They were all amazing speakers and had awesome things to share.

The future of Cub Scouting is “streamline and simplify”. The goal is to make it easier for new parents to become a part of the Scouting family and for den leaders to do their job without having to learn about the entire Scouting infrastructure – just provide den level programming. There are new videos and den plans to make getting started simpler. Scoutbook for Den leaders is being updated all the time. Advancement is simpler and the calendar has been improved, and my favorite; Scoutbook can now email parents when their Scouts complete a belt loop! If you want to poke around in the new Den Leader Scoutbook system there is an online demo here. If you are looking for ScoutBook help please look at the videos and resources National is producing and updating constantly.

With all the new and exciting digital updates for Cub Scouts, it is no surprise that Scouts BSA should expect some exciting new things soon. Like in Cub Scouts, the new tools will be built for the people planning and planning and executing the program. For Scouts BSA, of course, the tools will be built with youth leaders in mind. It is very exciting to see National leading the charge in making the programs youth lead by empowering Patrol Leader Councils.

The theme for Exploring is “Character to Careers”. The BSA is known for shaping the character of youth, and Exploring extends that to a youth’s future. Career Interest Surveys are available in print and online. Those and Explorer Post “Open Houses” are the focus to grow Exploring.

Pat Wellen was one of the most interesting speakers of the event. She broke down for us how the Voice of a Scout program works. (You, as a registered Scouter, should be getting an email about once a year asking for your feedback – please respond to those, it helps us have a voice with National BSA team!) She talked about the reasons Cub Scouts leave the program, the challenges volunteers face on all levels, and the resources available to help solve those problems and answer questions.

The Marketing and Branding presentation was my favorite part of the event. The big takeaways were: more parents than ever are finding out about Scouts through their mobile devices and social media, potential Scout parents are more likely to join if they have a meaningful conversation with unit leaders, and each units’ digital footprint needs to be managed. The action item, for all of us, is to claim and manage the Google for Business listing for units. Right now, in a new tab, do a Google search for “Cub Scout Pack near me”. What comes up? The sad answer is probably “nothing” or outdated info. The District Communications Team and I are putting together a plan to solve that.

The conference was a great opportunity for me and I hope to bring more of what I learned home. There are statistics, ideas, and resource that can benefit all of us and I am excited as ever to share more with all of you over the use over the coming months.

Communication During Recruitment Season

Over the next several weeks, the District will be doing Cub Scout Recruitment in every elementary school in Great Falls and the surrounding communities.

I would like to ask for your patience: At last week’s District Meeting I announced that I am suspending my office hours, and asked for patience over the coming weeks, but I am still available by phone, text, or email. I will not be able to respond as quickly as I normally do, but I will respond. Thank you all for your support!

If you have any interest in the recruitment process, the District would love to have your help! Scout Fun Day will be October 19 and will new a few helping hands. Shoot me an email if you are interested and available to help!

Join Cub Scouts post header, boy pulling arrow out of a target

Encourage Your Scout to Wear Uniform on Recruitment Days!

When our District Volunteers and your Pack Leaders are at your Scouts’ schools, please encourage your Scouts to wear their uniform! In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be at the following schools:

  • September 5: Sacajawea School
  • Monday September 9: Giant Springs & Lewis and Clark
  • September 10: Our Lady of Lourdes and Holy Spirit School
  • Thursday September 12: Meadow Lark and Riverview

See you there!

Join Cub Scouts post header, boy pulling arrow out of a target

Cub Scout Recruitment Night Schedule

The Lewis & Clark District Cub Scout Recruitment Nights have been posted on the District Calendar! You can add your school’s recruitment night directly to your calendar. Please consider having your Scouts wear their uniforms to school on their recruitment day!

If you have questions or want to help your Pack, please let your Cubmaster and Pack Committee know!

Now is a Good Time to Update Your Unit’s Contact Methods

If you use Remind, Facebook Groups, Google Groups, contact Groups, phone tree or any other tools to contact your Pack or Troop, now is a good time to update them, before the recruiting season begins. Drop members who are no longer in the unit or crossed over, update emails and phone numbers and make sure everything is up to date!

What is your favorite contact tool for your unit?

Share Your Adventure! Invite a friend to Scouts!

November is “Bring a Friend to Scouts” Month

Share your ADVENTURE! 

We are excited to announce that November is Bring a Friend to Scouts Month! Our “Share Your Adventure!” campaign encourages Scouts of all ages to share their adventures in Scouting with a friend (or a few friends) by bringing a friend to a meeting or event.

The recruitment of new Cub Scouts this year did not get us to our membership goal as it has in years past. The number of Scouts is down throughout the Council and our District is no exception. To reach our goal we need to recruit over 200 new youth into Scouting – Cub Scouts AND Boy Scouts by December 21st!

We can’t reach our goal without YOUR help!

Bringing a friend to a meeting will earn your Scout a prize. If that friend joins scouts by filling out an application the Scout will be entered in a drawing for $250 in Scout Bucks!

Your Scout can enter the drawing by filling out the form on the Lewis & Clark District Share Your Adventure page.