Family Investment in Character and Leadership Campaign Ends SOON!

We are wrapping up our Investment in Character and Leadership Campaign for units and their families. Make an investment in youth in our community and help your Pack or Troop meet their goal!

Many of our Packs and Troops are very close to reaching their goal and earning rewards like free pinewood derby cars, and discounts at the Scout Shop, and free adult training! Push them over the edge!

Support Scouting in our Community

It might seem like the current pandemic situation would put a damper on Scouting, but the opposite is true! Scouting is once again showing how resilient our program is: Scouts and Scouters are adapting to being stuck at home, social distancing, by pivoting meetings with online sessions using technology, and Merit Badge and NOVA Counselors are using a plethora of tools to facilitate advancement and awards. The Montana Council is even hosting weekly “virtual” campfires from our camps around the state.

Invest in Character & Leadership

There’s lots of Scouting happening in spite of the pandemic but we need your help to ensure that it happens well, and Scouts come out of being stuck at home feeling excited for the time when we can have in-person Scout meetings and camping trips.

Popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn! The Popcorn sale is going online

You can still sell (and buy) popcorn online until Monday, Nov. 4!

If you want to buy popcorn please call or text Mandy, 406-868-9315, and she will help you find a Scout to support. Or search for a Scout you may know here: .

Online sales are great, there is no popcorn for scouts to deliver and the shipping is FREE!

Don’t need to order any more Popcorn?  You can make a Military Donation, order Peanut Clusters, or order the Coffee, it is REALLY good!

If you did not meet your goal (all online orders count towards the prizes until Nov. 4th) or if you would like to raise a little more to cover the recent increase in membership fees, you can by selling popcorn online this week. ($100 in Online Sales will cover the increased cost for 1 Scout!) An additional bonus is that online sales reduce the Unit bill to the Council! 

Where to sell online:

  • Facebook: on your parent’s profile and in yardsale groups
  • Send an email
  • Use the Nextdoor social network to ask your neighbors
  • Text your Online Scout Code to your friends and family, even ones who live far away