Spring Camporee: Important Program Information

Scouts and Scouters,

As part of the camporee competition, boys will be judged on their ability to communicate in sign language, specifically the words “boy scout”.  Please see below, the sign language alphabet and be prepared for this part of the competition.  This involves learning seven letters and should be easy points to earn.

Please refer to the March 29 blog posting from Mr. Labelle for general information about the camporee.  There will be a map to Dry Wolf Campground posted on Wednesday night.

This should be a great event!

Sign Language Handout

District Committee Meeting 04/07/15 6:30pm

Howdy Folks!

Time for another meeting of the minds to plan for the upcoming events and Scouting activities.  Below you’ll find the agenda for the meeting this Tuesday. Please continue to encourage other adult Scouters to attend these meetings to learn and contribute.  See you Tuesday.

Peter Jennings   District Chairman


Lewis and Clark District Committee Meeting

April 7, 2015  6:30 pm Great Falls East Stake Center

Montana Council  BSA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Opening Ceremony
  3. Welcome and Introductions
  4. Recognitions
  5. District Committee Elections
  6. Unit Service – Rex Jewett District Commissioner
  7. District Chair Report – Peter Jennings

– draft plan for city commission meeting honor guard assignments

– draft pan for unit sponsors for District events

– report on SOMT partnership

8. Committee Reports

    1. Program Committee – Mike Lukas Chairman
    2. Finance Committee – Wayne Thares Chairman
    3. Training Committee – Keith Head Chairman
    4. Roundtable Commissioner – Steve Boyd Commissioner
    5. Discuss chairman vacancies in committees, notably Membership and Public Relations
  1.  District Calendar Review
  2.  Upcoming Events  –  Leader-Specific Training Scoutmaster Fundamentals April 11 8am,  Trail to First Class/IOLS/OA tapout  April 17-19, District Awards Dinner May 1, Spring Camporee May 15-17
  1. OA Report – Youth Member
  2.  Eagle Board Report – Tim Locke
  3. Other Business
  4.  District Executive Report – Dustin Shoemake
  5.  Next Meeting Time – May 5, 6:30 pm
  6.  Closing Ceremony
  7.  Adjournment

District Meeting Minutes from March 3, 2015


Here are your minutes for:

March 3, 2015 Meeting of the Lewis and Clark District Committee

1. Call to order
2. Opening ceremony
3. Welcome and introductions
4. Minutes review from last meeting – approved as written
5. Recognitions – Peter Jennings handed out forms (progress records) for adult awards: district committee scouter’s training award and district committee key
6. District chair report
– proposal to provide unit participation in flag ceremonies for city commission meetings- motion: Lewis and Clark district committee will assign units to present flag ceremonies on specific dates of city commission meetings. The district and units will work with Mayor Winters to ensure adequate training in flag handling and presentation worthy of a public event. The motion received a second from the floor and unanimous approval from voting members.
– MRSC – the city has repaired the damaged entry gate.
– proposal – the district committee will adopt a new policy of assigning to district events unit sponsorship with details provided to units of the responsibilities involved in planning and execution of the event. This was general discussion and led to a motion, seconded and approved to table the discussion.
– proposal – cultivate a partnership with Special Olympics of Montana that includes: SOMT representatives volunteering for some combination of: merit badge counselor for disability awareness, or other appropriate MBs; district committee member representative; participants in program events such as the ’15 Spring Camporee with Disability Awareness. There is a high level of support for this idea on the committee. We await more conversation with SOMT to see how this concept progresses.
7. Unit Service Report – District Commissioner Rex Jewett
– Troop 26 completed the new unit assessment format in 2 hours.
– we will continue to promote the unit key 3 (scoutmaster, unit committee chair, COR) meetings to drive unit activity and organization
8. Committee reports –
– Finance Committee – $21,500 raised so far for community ICL
– we need to establish a goal date for family ICL – accurate-to-date dollars unavailable.
-Program Committee
– Camping – we have invited Central District to join our Spring Camporee
– Dustin to finalize location
9. Upcoming events
– District Derby March 7, Food Drive bag drop March 14, Food Drive pick-up March 21, Merit Badge University Carroll College March 28, YPT April 7, TTFC w/ IOLS April 17-19,

10. Other Business –
– OA – OA needs units to volunteer to teach stations at TTFC. Dustin and Peter will post blog request
– Training committee – cub leader specific training planned for April 11 @ Salvation Army
– May 1 District Awards Dinner
– June 12-14 K-M OA ordeal
– June 19-21 Melita Island OA ordeal
– request made for updated MB counselor list – Dustin to provide
– Eagle Board – Mr. Locke announced that 4 of 16 Eagle projects open at beginning of the year are completed. No new projects apps to report.
– Wood Badge – May 14,15,16 and June 4,5,6. We are to put out invite on blog.


Notes/corrections/updates on the above minutes:  Spring Camporee for Lewis and Clark and Central Districts will take place May 15, 16, 17 at Dry Wolf Campground near Stanford, MT.  See you all at the next District Meeting next Tuesday April 7, 6:30 pm at the Great Falls East Stake Center.

Free Espresso, Tea, Soft Drinks and Pastries!! January 10, 2015 9am-1pm (and District Committee Training;)

All District Committee members, those who might wish to be, those with curiosity, or those in need of a pick-me-up are encouraged to attend our 1st Annual Morning Drinks/Pastry Social and District Committee Training Saturday, January 10 at the Church of the Incarnation from 9am to 1pm.

This is a brown bag affair if noon lunch is your habit. The drinks and treats are on us. The training will cover the essential functions of a District Committee and details on the many different positions we occupy.

This will be a great opportunity to come together for a fresh start to a New Year and for newer Scouters to gain wisdom from Scouters with more experience. Please email Brad Weaver with questions and/or RSVP at weave82@hotmail.com

Montana Council Executive Board withholds support for Medicine River Scout Center

On December 10, the Montana Council Executive Board voted to withhold their support from the Lewis and Clark District Committee’s request to develop the Medicine River Scout Center site into a more functional and permanent part of the Lewis and Clark District Scouting Program.  Scouters from Lewis and Clark District have engaged the Council Board for about 6 months to solicit their questions and concerns.  The issues raised have been addressed to the best of District supporters’ ability in the period before the vote.

In the Executive Board meeting:  A member of the Board from Lewis and Clark District made the first motion after the call for motions was placed by the Council President.  This motion stipulated a one-year due-diligence period for the Council to produce a list of concerns and conditions that the District would be required to address after which period a final Council vote would occur.  This motion was not seconded.  A new motion was made to withhold all Council support from further development of Medicine River Scout Center and to not pursue renewal of the existing lease that expires in July 2016.  This motion was seconded and carried in the ensuing vote.

An ad hoc committee established by the District Chairman for the purpose of promoting the development of MRSC in our district will meet soon to discuss 1) the district’s response to the council vote, 2) district plans for MRSC in the remaining 1 1/2 years of lease, and finally 3) local options for an ongoing relationship with the City of Great Falls to utilize this site for the benefit of youth in our area.  Please continue to share your thoughts with the district committee on this and other issues affecting us in Lewis and Clark District.

Lewis and Clark District Committee Training postponed

The District Committee training scheduled for this Saturday, November 22 has been postponed.  The new date will be after the holidays and should be finalized and announced by next week.  I apologize to everyone for any inconvenience.  We will be performing a district assessment over the next two months to hopefully identify more clearly our soft spots.  This exercise should help to utilize this important training to its fullest benefit.  Thanks to all.  The next District meeting is Tuesday, December 2, 6:30pm.  See you there.

Sincerely, Peter Jennings  District Chairman

Conversation with Gordon Rubard, Council Executive on the future of Medicine River Scout Center

Gordon Rubard, executive Scouter for the Montana Council, will be attending the upcoming District Meeting, Tuesday, November 4, 6:30pm at the East Stake Center to discuss the future of the Medicine River Scout Center in Lewis and Clark District.  This conversation is in advance of a council board call November 12.  John Manz and Woody Germany, who visited MRSC two weeks ago, will discuss their observations and make their recommendations.  Anyone who wishes to join in this conversation is encouraged to attend.

Community service opportunity this week! Oct 28-Nov 1

The GFHS Sparkettes Haunted House needs volunteers for its weeklong run.  There will be a variety of tasks/roles available for participants.  Performances are Monday thru Thursday 7-9pm, Friday 7pm-12am and Saturday 7-11pm.  Volunteers are asked to please be there by 5pm.  You’ll be fed dinner.  The location is 4800 10th Ave S, the old Big R store building.  Please call Kathy Korona at 788-1016.  As always, activities intended for community service hours should be approved in advance by unit leaders.

Recharter Support Night October 14 at Great Falls East Stake Center

Every unit is welcomed and encouraged to attend the recharter support night on Tuesday, October 14, 6:30 pm at the Mormon church behind the Eagles Manor. We ask that every unit representative bring a laptop and a current unit roster. The goal is to get every unit’s recharter complete in a brief online session. Barring that, we hope to get close to the above goal, and/or spread goodwill at the same time, as recharter can be a burden. See you there.