Scouting Safety Moment: Thin Ice

As part of a new promotion by the Montana Council and the National Council the we are going to include a weekly Scouting Safety Moment. Scout leaders, please consider starting every meeting with a safety moment to help improve our Scouting safety record.

If you get into trouble on ice and you’re by yourself:

  • Call for help.
  • Resist the immediate urge to climb back out where you fell in. The ice is weak in this area.
  • Use the air trapped in your clothing to get into a floating position on your stomach.
  • Reach forward onto the broken ice without pushing down. Kick your legs to push your torso on the ice.
  • When you are back on the ice, crawl on your stomach or roll away from the open area with your arms and legs spread out as far as possible to evenly distribute your body weight. Do not stand up! Look for shore and make sure you are going in the right direction

Adapted from the Canadian Red Cross.

Stop. Think. Scout Safe!