Commissioning Leadership 2019

Hello! I’m Rick Silva, and I’m your new District Commissioner. I wanted to share a few points with you:

  1. Steve Dogiakos is my Assistant District Commissioner – Congrats Steve!
  2. Face To Face District Commissioner Meetings will be held Quarterly right after the District Meetings.
  3. Face To Face District Roundtables will be held Quarterly right after the District Meetings.
  4. The other 4 OPEN meeting slots will be used for other District Trainings as needed.
  5. With the use of technology, a good number Commissioners who live out of town, and using less paper necessary information and updates can be received by e-mail, text, blog therefore making it unnecessary to hold monthly meetings.
  6. We are trying to recruit rural Commissioners for the non-Great Falls units. If you know a candidate for Commissioner in Dutton, Choteau, Fairfield, Fort Benton, or Cascade, please contact me or Steve
  7. Please contact Steve ( or by text 406-203-4679) to make sure you’re on the Commissioner email/text lists.
  8. If your picture is not up on the District Volunteer Board, please contact Steve and send him your preferred photo.
  9. The next Commissioner Team meeting will be held on August 1st at the Council Office basement immediately following the District Committee Meeting