Spring “Klondike” Camporee Results

Many Thanks to the brave people of our District for coming out to our Spring event. Regretfully we were unable to go to Wood Lake as the area was still under snow drifts from last winter. I was left to the unpleasant task of finding a new site for the Fishing Merit Badge Camporee and we all know that Willow Creek is not known for pleasant conditions or pleasant scenery, although any location was subject to bad weather conditions last weekend. I was amazed at the turn out and Military like attention to details as you all set up your campsites. I can attest to the testing of mettle of you all as you braved this type of conditions and I applaud you all for attending with no real complaints.

This event was the first Camporee for Troop 110 our first all girl Troop. I had a lot of fun teaching all of them in the arts of fishing and watching them all have fun even tho the weather was tough on us all. During the event competitions they stood toe to toe with our other veteran Troops and performed admirably.

So saying that I will post the results of the first ever Spring Klondike….

4th place (tie) Troop 26 Panthers
                           Troop 110
3rd place (tie) Troop 1 Dragons
                           Troop 28 Wild Stallions
2nd Place Troop 14 Flaming Arrows
1st Place Troop 1 Hydras

Tops in Dutch oven was a tie between Troop 28 and Troop 14 but all the entries were amazing.Each Troop will win 2 free passes to Klondike 2020

Tops in skits were Troop 14 and Troop 110 and Troop 1 with perfect scores.

And hats off to Billy in Troop 26 who caught the ONLY fish and won a 1940’s Fishing Pole.

Thank you to Tim Park and Rex Jewett, Alex Thayers (Committee Reps) for stepping up and coming out to help when things got tough.