REMINDER: District Meeting Time/Date Change

Reminder that the Lewis & Clark District Meeting day and time have changed to the first Thursday of the month!

We still meet at the same place, the Great Falls East Stake LDS Center, but we will be meeting this Thursday, February 7th at 6:30p followed by Roundtable at 7:30p.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening (5 minutes)
  2. Commissioner’s Report (10 minutes)
  3. Reports (15 minutes)
    1. Investment in Character and Leadership 2019
    2. Merit Badge Academy  
    3. Nominating Committee
    4. Scouting For Food
    5. Klondike and Spring Camporee
  4. District Executive Report (5 minutes)
    1. Membership Year-Round Recruitment
    2. Council 2019 Focus
      1. Recruitment
      2. Cub Advancement
      3. Community Service 
      4. Unit Contacts 
      5. District Leadership
  5. District Chair’s Minute (5 minutes)
  6. Adjournment

I hope to see you there!