Klondike 2019 Results

The 2019 Klondike was a test of will and endurance for the boys and adults alike. When I arrived a 2 pm Mr. Jewett and I had to deal with another foot of snow on the road to camp. We immediately called the snow plow guy, Marvin Croft, and begged for another pass thru camp. He made it in good time as I do not think cars would have made it to the top. Parking once again was a real test of stacking imagination. We had a turnout of 91 people for the event and 92 vehicles which were an impressive thing to watch as the Scoutmasters Marshall-ed their Troops into a coordinated attack on the snow. The Troops of 12,151,155 even shoveled out their own parking spots.

Troops 1, 4, 28 and 14 took the front parade area and had snow at about 2 feet deep. Troops 7 and 26 were winning the battle over the snow when to the rescue was Robert Burton’s snow blower which easily handled the deep snow. Luckily the snow was fresh and light and moved much easier than it could have been.

Saturday morning brought a cold clear sunny day with perfect conditions for a Klondike.

We had many tasks for the boys to complete which took about 2.5 hours to complete. At lunch the boys cooked foil dinners with a secret ingredient of SPAM. The winner was Troop 14 with their concoction called Wham Bam Thank You Spam and Troop 28 closely followed them with their Hawaiian Luau Sweet and Sour Spam. All of the meals were a treat and I enjoyed the competition.

Most helpful Scout was Michael Menvey of Troop 1 who won a nice BSA red wool coat.

Troop 28 won the best knife creation from their Leadership that finished a knife blank donated by Tim Locke.

The sled races were won by Troop 14 followed by Troop 1 only 1 second behind.

Overall Results were:

  • First Place Troop 14 with a score of 1746
  • Second place Troop 26 with a score of 1347
  • Third place Troop 28 with a score of 1331
  • Fourth was Troop 7 Wolf Pack with 1189
  • Fifth was Troop 4 with 1151

The Yeti was captured by Troop 14 as well as the bag of gold.

Troop 28 rescued Mr Locke ( in absentee) from the Yeti

Thank you to my helpers on the Committee: Tami Lucas, Mike “The Yeti” Lucas, Rex Jewett, and Sandra Dee.

Next will be Spring Camporee with the new Troop 10 competing, so get ready to rock on a trip to Augusta ,MT

Camping Committee Chairman

Forrest C LaBelle