2019 Klondike: Event Information

January 25, 26, and 27 at Camp Rotary 

General Information

Camping sites will be assigned on a first come basis.

One of the most important parts of a Klondike Camp is to keep warm and dry. Each Scout must know what to wear. Montana weather is very changeable, requiring preparedness for any condition. A nice day can turn into a very cold night.

Your best protection is common sense. Dress in layers. Avoid working up a sweat, and stay comfortable by removing or adding layers. Cotton clothing is not good. Wool is.

Waterproof boots are essential. Wear good wicking socks.

A good wool or thermal hat is needed; it must be able to cover your ears. You can also wear it in your sleeping bag. A scarf is also important, to cover your neck.

Good gloves and a backup pair for each boy. The best for back-up is mittens in wool.

Scouts are more vulnerable to cold at meals, because they do not move around as much. Adults need to ask each boy if he is dry and not sweaty. If needed have them change clothes.

Unit leaders should visually inspect each Scout’s entire before he hits the trail. 

If the Camping Committee sees a boy unfit to task he may be pulled from events.


There will be no WEBELOS specific events at Klondike.

Campfires are limited to above ground fire pits. There will not be wood available. Shovels need to be by each fire, and adult supervision at all times.

No Pets except registered Service Animals and sled dogs allowed. 

Event Schedule 


This location is an assigned location based on how many people you expect to arrive. You must stop and register when arriving.

Friday night we will have a traveler’s feast of pizza and an ice cream sandwiches for dessert. The feast is for all participants. Cracker Barrel will be at 9pm. Only leaders and SPLs allowed

Check In

All troops need to check in with the camping committee when they arrive in camp.  The camping committee needs to know the final numbers so that they may prepare for the contests.  The camping committee will also show/tell you where you can set up camp and where to park your vehicles. 


All Troops need to check out with the camping committee before they leave camp. Make sure your camp area is clean – “Leave no Trace”.

Patrol size: 

You should have a minimum of 3-4 scouts in a patrol and a maximum of 6 scouts.  If you have 8 boys then two patrols of 4. Small troops with small patrols may be added together so that the patrol may compete in events.  In the scoring of the points for completion of an event, scores will be adjusted mathematically so that small or large patrols are not handicapped or given an unfair advantage. Contact Forrest if this is an issue!

The boys should have learned some skills prior to the contests.

Adults are welcome to watch their boys compete. Troops/Patrols are not to be assisted by adult leaders. The boys are to do the work, the adults just watch.

The Senior Patrol Leader is the person leading their troop, and the Patrol Leader is the person leading his patrol. The boys are to work together as a team; they start together and finish together.

A Scout will be a living example of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto, and Scout Slogan, and the will camp following the Outdoor Code.

The contests will be announced and explained as much as possible and as early as possible.


  • American, Troop, and Gateway (100 pts)
  • Camp layout is included in scoring
  • Gateway constructed of snow and any other items you might bring.

Klondike Sled 200 pts

Each sled should have the following items: 100 feet of throwable rope, A tarp 8×10, A burlap bag or similar cloth type, One #10 size can, Two brooms (used) or homemade, Fire building material, A yardstick, Two shovels one big one small, First aid kit, Survival snacks, Water bottle for each person, flashlights foreach boy

First Aid Questions (100pts)

Five questions of utmost importance for winter survival

Curling for Accuracy – 100 pts

Take aim and hit a target circle for accuracy. Pretend you are beaning a Grouse.

Water Device – 200 pts

Each patrol will build a water melting machine that will melt and move snow into a #10 can. ( most creative wins most points) This will be assembling in your camp and judged there. You are required to design and build these at Troop meetings to assemble at camp.

Stump People Pile – 100 pts

Each patrol will see how many boys you can get on a stump…you may have to borrow some people. Pretend a flood is coming and you are on top of a precipice.

Sled balance – 100pts

Balance your sled for one minute with the Patrol leader inside. Pretend this is for fording a river

Save the medicine (100pts)

Retrieve the medicine box from the ice with a rope.

Fishing for food( 100pts)

Catch as many fish as you can in one minute.

Estimating height (100 pts)

Find the height of an object with only a yardstick

Estimating width ( 100pts)

Same as the height but finding the distance across the creek.

Foil Dinner Competition  (300pts)

During Lunch Break each patrol will concoct a foil dinner to be judged be the committee. Must contain SPAM as the only meat source.

Meals will be judged on: Originality, Taste, Foil 101 effectiveness (wrapped properly), Difficulty, and Original name of dish (i.e Madison’s Meaty Munchie).


At evening campfire you will be tasked to catch the Wiley Yeti and bring him back to camp. Rules are you can bring no weapons except Yeti repellent (provided) and flashlights and some rope (about 10 feet)

Missing Scout! (100pts)

Rescue the missing Scout from the Yeti’s Lair

Capture the Gold!(100pts)

Bring back the Yeti’s gold sack. You can only capture one thing on the above list per Patrol.

Awesome Scout award 

Each troop will post a candidate for Scout Award that will be put into a drawing box for a fantastic prize and scout. Must be present to win!

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