Novemeber District Report

Share Your Adventure! Invite a friend to Scouts!

Share Your Adventure 

November is Bring a Friend to Scouts month! Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are encouraged to “Share Your Adventure” by bringing a friend to scouts. Scouts who bring a friend will receive a prize and if that friend signs up for Scouts they will have a chance to win $250 in Scout Bucks! 


Thank you all for an outstanding popcorn sale! The popcorn payment is due on Nov. 21.

Chariot Races will be on Dec. 1 at West Elementary

 For rules and more information contact Sandra. 

 Salvation Army Bell Ringing Challenge

If you have not signed your unit up to participate in the 2018 Bell Ringing Challenge please contact Mark King, 406-453-0319 or 

Klondike: January 25, 26, & 27 at Camp Rotary 

The 2019 Klondike will embrace the Alaskan ways of surviving in the snow-covered terrain of Winter Alaska. You will be tasked to work as a team as well as individuals. Pioneering and cooking skills will also be part of your winter experience.

For more information or to register contact Forrest, or 406-788-0657.

Unit Recharter HELP is available! 

Call Sandra, 282-1129 if your unit is having trouble with recharter. The deadline for recharter was Oct. 31. Please do not wait to ask for help.