Fall Camporee 2018, Sept. 14-16

Fall Camporee will be September 14, 15 and 16 at Mortimer Gulch on Gibson Lake.

Geocaching Challenge

The 2018 fall camporee will be an enjoyable and challenging event for your Troop. We will be conducting a Geocaching Challenge with twists and changes to test the boys. There will be most if not all of the requirements to fulfill the merit badge.

Theme:”Are you afraid of the dark”

The Scouts will be required to do a Spooky Skit at campfire


To Mortimer Gulch at Gibson Lake, from Augusta take Manix Street west 4 miles to Forest Road 108 and continue west for 22 miles going to the top of Gibson Lake. You do NOT turn left at any time until you reach the campground.
We have reserved the lower loop campground.
If you have a camper of any type you have to camp on the upper loop and pay an additional fee of $8.00 per night….no exceptions.


Registration is $10 per person, payable when you arrive. (This has changed so you are not penalized for drop offs and cancelations.)
We need the name of one adult from your troop to help with the judging.
You must have at least “Two Deep Leadership” and at least one leader trained in “Youth Protection”.
You must have a copy of the “Medical Form” for each scout and each leader, in addition to “Parent Permission Slips” and a copy of “Guide to Safe Scouting”.  Please e-mail me, by September 12th at desireesoapcompany@gmail.com or text me at 406-788-0657, the number of attendees from your troop, boys and adults, so I can plan for prizes.


Troops it will be the same location as Spring Camporee, unless otherwise noted.
Friday night be sure to pack a sack lunch. There will not be a travelers feast.
Cracker Barrel will be at 9pm for leaders and SPL’s. Location to be announced.

Check in:

All troops need to check in with the camping committee when they arrive in camp.  The camping committee needs to know the final numbers so that they may prepare for the contests.  The camping committee will also show/tell you where you can set up camp and where to park your vehicles.
Water and sanitary facilities are available.

Check out:

All Troops need to check out with the camping committee before they leave camp.    Make sure your camp area is clean – “Leave no Trace”.


Events will be added to on July 28. The contests will be announced and explained as much as possible and as early as possible.

AWESOME Scout Award

Each troop will post a candidate for Scouter Award that will be put into a drawing box for a fantastic prize  and  scout  MUST BE PRESENT ! This prize to be announced.

Patrol size:

You should have a minimum of 3-4 scouts in a patrol and a maximum of 6 scouts.  If you have 8 boys then two patrols of 4. Small troops with small patrols may be added together so that the patrol may compete in events.  In the scoring of the points for completion of an event, scores will be adjusted mathematically so that small or large patrols are not handicapped or given an unfair advantage. Contact me if this is an issue!

General Rules

  • Camping sites will be done on a first come basis.
  • One of the most important parts of a fall Camp is to keep warm and dry. Each Scout must know what to wear. Montana weather is very changeable, requiring preparedness for any condition. A nice day can turn into a very cold night.
  • Your best protection is common sense. Dress in layers. Avoid working up a sweat, and stay comfortable by removing or adding layers. Cotton clothing is not good. Wool is.
  • Waterproof boots are essential. Wear good wicking socks.
  • A good wool or thermal hat is needed; it must be able to cover your ears. You can also wear it in your sleeping bag. A scarf is also important, to cover your neck.
  • Good gloves and a backup pair for each boy. The best for back-up is mittens in wool.
  • Scouts are more vulnerable to cold at meals, because they do not move around as much. Adults need to ask each boy if he is dry and not sweaty. If needed have them change clothes.
  • Clothing inspection: Unit leaders should visually inspect each boy before he hits the trail.
  • If the Camping Committee sees a boy unfit to task he may be pulled from events.
  • Webelos – There will be no Webelo specific events at Fall camporee.
  • Campfires are limited to above ground fire pits. There will not be wood available. Shovels need to be by each fire, and adult supervision at all times.
  • No Pets except registered Service Animals and sled dogs
  • Pack in, pack out.  Leave no trace.

Camping Committee Philosophy:

  • Adults are welcome to watch their boys compete.
  • The boys should have learned some skills prior to the contests.
  • The boys are to do the work, the adults just watch.
  • Troops/Patrols are not to be assisted by adult leaders.
  • The boys are to work together as a team; they start together and finish together.
  • The Senior Patrol Leader is the person leading their troop, and the Patrol Leader is the person leading his patrol.
  • A Scout will be a living example of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto and Scout
  • Slogan, and the will camp following the Outdoor Code.