Minutes from the June 2018 District Meeting

  1. Call to order 8:30 pm
  2. Opening Ceremony
  3. Welcome, Introductions, and Recognitions
    1. New District Executive, Sandra Dogiakos
    2. New District PR Chair, Kelsie Tilman
    3. Recognition of new Eagle Scout, Sean L
  4. District Commissioner Report – Brad Weaver
    1. We need to get all registered members in the district to complete YPT by July.
    2. Aaron Weissman will facilitate YPT three times during the Camporee; times TBA.
    3. JTE needs to be more consistent; we are at 4% completion council-wide. Detail assessment with Unit Commissioner and Key 3 for all units need to be done by August.
    4. Charter Organizations need to be more involved in activities. Units need to extend invites and maintain relationships.
    5. Monthly commissioner meetings are held the last Thursday of every month.
    6. Units are doing well. Scouts are having fun and completing advancement goals. Paperwork needs to be done by each unit; Scoutbook and JTE.
    7. (District Chair) Lack of JTE reports for our district puts us in an embarrassing position in the council.
    8. Pack 7, Pack 1, and Pack 51 have voted to allow girls. No letters from CORs have been received as of this meeting.
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. See 2018 District Calendar
      1. Add Thursday, June 14 8:00 am at Flag Hill for Flag Day
      2. Update District Pinewood Derby May 4, 2019
      3. Update Boy Scout Fall Camporee September 14-16
      4. Add Boy Scout MBA February 23, 2019
      5. Add YPT facilitated by Aaron Weissman July 9 at Darkhorse Hall in the basement of Celtic Cowboy
      6. Next Event is July 4th Parades
  6. VI. Committee Reports
    1. No Report Given
  7. VII. Reports of Special Committees and COR
    1. No Report Given
  8. VIII. District Executive’s Report
    1. No Report Given
  9. Other Business-Open Forum
    1. National scholarship unofficially awarded to local scout. Details TBA.
  10. Adjournment 9:15 pm