Our Scouting Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence (JTE) is Scouting’s way to measuring the quality of our program at each of our Packs, Troops, Crews and Teams.  A unit with a high JTE score is a unit that is recruiting youth, advancing them in the program and delivering a great Scouting program.
Your unit’s JTE score tells the parents in your unit about how the great program that they will experience for their son if they join or continue to participate in your unit.  Completing this exercise is extremely worthwhile.  Your JTE score is due with your unit recharter.  If that proves to be impossible, please turn it in to District Executive Dustin Shoemake or District Commissioner Rex Jewett by December 1.
You can download your scoresheets here:
Cub Scout Pack scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Pack_Scorecard
Boy Scout Troop scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Troop_Scorecard
Venturing Crew scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Crew_Scorecard
Varsity Team scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Team_Scorecard