Popcorn Kick-off and Seller's Academy

Join other Scouts and parents on Friday, September 29th at 6:30pm.
Hopefully your unit’s popcorn chair has notified everyone of the district Popcorn Kick-off and Seller’s Academy .
Popcorn Sales are the way to raise money for activities for your Scouts and pay for a year of fun and adventure.  The more popcorn sold, the less funding that comes out of parent’s pockets.  By attending, your Scout will learn effective ways to “Fund His Adventure!”  Scouts who attended in the past have more fun during the sale and have more confidence while selling.
Scouts will learn:

  • Exciting product lineup
  • Expert Advice
  • Simple steps for selling more popcorn
  • Online Selling at trails-end.com

This is a great opportunity for older and brand new Scouts!  There will be incentives for boys who attend the Seller’s Academy and for units that have boys that attend!
See you and your Scouts Friday night, September 29th at 6:30pm at the Montana Council-BSA Service Center, located at 82o 17th Ave S, Great Falls
Contact info if you have any questions: *lewisclarkpopcornkernel@gmail.com *Mandy Brumwell (406) 868-9315