Outdoor Program Trainers, We Need You!

Our Fall Training season is arriving!  The Lewis and Clark District training team has several trainings scheduled this Fall, and we need your help to make them happen.  See How to Get Trained (Fall, 2017 edition) for a list of upcoming trainings.
Are you an outdoor skills expert?  Well, if not an expert, have you already had your IOLS training?  If so, we need you on the weekend of October 20-21 to help with our training.  We will be teaching all of the skills required through First Class rank.  Please contact me and sign up to teach part of the class.  I will keep the following table updated with our confirmed list of trainers:

Skill Trainer
Flag Ceremony  Jeremy Adams
Interfaith Worship  Stephen Boyd
Registration/Campsite Selection/Outdoor Ethics/Campfire Program  Aaron Weissman
Fireman Chit  Jeremy Adams
Cooking Bob Dowdy (renowned dutch oven expert!)
Ropes and Knots  Jay Cox
Woods Tools – Totin’ Chip Dean Gaskins
Plant and Animal Identification  Robert Burton
First Aid  Gus Macneal
Orienteering  Tom Lynch
Packing and Hiking Techniques/Gear Chris Leatham/Bighorn Outdoor Specialists

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  1. Put me down for Ropes and Knots. I am a new guy here in Great Falls. I am just now turning in my registration to my troop.

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