Cub Day Camp, Sept. 23rd 

Cub Fall Day Camp! – Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed to help run stations at Fall Day Camp.  Without 8 more volunteers, we will not be able to run the program.  Please contact if you are willing to help, or know of parents or leaders who are willing to help. Areas will include:

  1. Bicycle education and Safety
  2. Games, Fitness, and Exercise
  3. Knife education and safety

No one wants this event cancelled, but we will have no choice without adequate support. 


Cub Fall Day Camp! – Information

bmx electric city Cub Scouts are teaming up with Electric City BMX to provide an awesome fall program!  Scouts will be able to ride the track while passing off adventure requirements!  Adventures that will be worked on are:
Tiger- Rolling Tigers
Wolf- Running with the Pack
Bear- Bear Claws
Webelos/AOL- Stronger, Faster, Higher
The Details-
Registration begins at 10am with program from 10:30-2:30pm.  Scouts will have an opportunity to race their bikes on the BMX track.  Fees for event are $8.  Please rsvp number from den or pack to
What to bring:

  • Clothing appropriate for season 
  • Handbooks
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle and water
  • Bike (if Scout does not own a bike, we will make sure he still participates)
  • If Scout wants to ride on the track he must have closed toe shoes, long sleeve shirt, and long pants.
  • Bike Helmet, closed face preferred

YES! We will also be doing shooting sports!

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