Scout Challenge! Will you accept?

Will you accept the challenge?

Have you ever been out in public and seen someone wearing a Scout t-shirt or see a Scouting bumper sticker on a car?  It’s a pretty cool feeling to see someone you may not know, and see they are part of the same Scouting family! 
Beginning today, May 11th, a challenge is being put out to all of our Scout parents, leaders, and volunteers!  Let’s see how many Scout supporters we have in our communities!
Here’s how:

Using a washable glass paint, write “Join Scouts Today!” on your vehicle’s window with the phone number “406-6071.”  Be sure to write your unit’s number somewhere separate from the phone number.  The example would be a unit with the number 119 (you can put a designation like P1 or T1 if you share a number with a pack or troop).
Let’s see which unit can get the most calls! 

You can purchase your own glass marker, or you can use ones provided in our Scout office!
We will run this challenge from today, May 11th through Friday June 2nd.

Let’s see how many Scout supporters we have in our district!!!