Scout Day at the Montana Legislature this coming Monday, February 20

Long time Lewis and Clark District Scouter Joe Briggs has organized an interesting and informative day for Boy Scouts at the Montana Legislature this coming Monday, February 20. This opportunity meets requirements for rank as well as merit badge advancement.  If you are going, please contact Joe Briggs and let him know how many boys and adults to expect.  You can reach him at
From Joe:

  • Troops to meet in the Rotunda of the Capitol at 8 AM.
  • During the course of the day Scouts will attend committee hearings on bills.
  • Troops will observe a floor session of the House and Senate
  • Troops will meet with legislative leaders from both parties
  • Troops will get a tour of the Capitol
  • Troops will meet with Statewide elected officials.  It varies from year to year but generally we have met with the Governor or Lt Governor as well as the Secretary of State.  The boys will have the opportunity to ask these folks about their roles in State Government.  This could meet First Class rank requirement 9a.
  • Troops should bring a sack lunch for their attendees as it is difficult to leave the grounds and return during the lunch break.  We will attempt to secure a room that we can eat in.
  • Scouts should be in uniform and will be expected to be on good behavior.
  • Two deep leadership or more is required and parents are also welcome to attend.  Scouts younger than 2nd year Webelos should not be in attendance.
  • The day at the capital ends at 3:30 pm and the troops head home.
  • As we get the various appointments set up in regard to the elected officials we will let the District know.
  • The logistics can be challenging in the Capitol so the earlier we can have a good idea of how many adults and boys are attending the better.  It can be difficult to find hearings rooms, meeting locations with the elected officials and a lunch space large enough for the group.  The earlier we can get those arrangements made the easier it is on everyone.