Scouting For Food Needs Help

I am currently the Committee Chair for the Scouting For Food program here in Great Falls and I am looking for a little help. Our Food Drive is going to be in March and unfortunately, I will away on business during the most important time of the Food Drive: I will be away for the whole week leading up to the event and won’t be here during the drop off and possibly the pick up as well. I am looking for someone to help co-chair the program with me and be the manager of the program in my absence. We collected over 20K Lbs of food last year and the Food Bank desperately relies on our Food Drive to make it through the summer. I promise not to just hand off the program and wish you luck, I will be doing the leg work with you and walking you through the steps, just really need to ensure this Food Drive goes successfully while I’m gone and without someone at the helm on the most important days it will not go as planned. I will keep the program the following year and keep you on as assistant if you want.
Anyways, give it a thought and let me know if you have the time to help out. Thanks for considering!
Greg Aderhold

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  1. Greg, Might it be helpful to mention that you have an experienced committee assisting you? District Executive Dustin at the Scout office, Food Bank Director Shawn, and a media assistant.

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