Popcorn Delivery Success!

On behalf of the Lewis and Clark District we want to think Mandy and Michele of pack 143 for being our 2016 popcorn chairs! There were some long days and extra hours put into making arrangements for all the packs, having a great kickoff day, and having the smoothest Popcorn delivery/pickup this district has seen in several years! Mandy was up late  the night before delivery, making those signs that made sorting and loading so much faster.
Thank you to everyone in the units for making arrangements to get popcorn picked up and sorted quickly.
A special thank you goes out to some of those key volunteers that helped with the Sorting process that made it easy for packs and troops to pick up their orders. Those helping with sorting in the warehouse:
Steve Boys, Laura Boyd, Rick Ulsted, Ken Roberts, Glenda Burton, Greg Wilkinson, Rex Jewett, & Earl Boettcher.  
A special thanks to Troop 1, who stuck around after loading their popcorn and help load several other units as they came. Great jobs Scouts and parents!
Last but certainly not least, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Jess Bandel of pack 143 & his father Ed, who help load and deliver all the extra popcorn to the Scout office after they were done unloading and sorting their own packs!