Jamboree On The Air Schedule

Saturday October 15
9-11am  Radio Merit Badge
11-12pm Lunch (Bring your own)
12-5pm  All stations open
5-6pm  Dinner Break
6-11pm Limited HF and VHF Stations Open
11pm All stations closed
Sunday October 16
8am-12pm All stations open
12-12:30pm  Lunch (bring your own)
12:30-2pm All stations open
2pm Clean Up
Please have all Scouts picked up by 2pm
All Troops & Packs must provide leadership if anyone is camping at the site over night.  We have water available.  Parents may drop off Scout for the day or stay with them.  Any questions contact Mike Lukas 750-7932.  Camp trailers are welcome in the main parking area.

3 thoughts on “Jamboree On The Air Schedule

  1. We are receiving these event notifications with little to no notice to make plans to attend. This leaves us with two very disappointed Boy Scouts. Please try to get your events out at least two weeks if not longer in advance. Thank you!

    1. Hi Henry! This District is currently without a primary volunteer to help coordinate this communication and to ensure that everything is communicated on a consistent and timely basis. Thus, it is up to the volunteer running each event to push out specific communication on our events. You are right – that information is not getting out on the blog/email/facebook page/google calendar on a timely basis. To do this right, we really need someone who can work backwards from all our planned events and make sure that communication is happening early enough to inform every Leader and Parent in the District. Do you know anyone who might be interested in helping with this?

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