Spring Camporee….Need Help

OK Scoutmasters….It is May 15th and I have only heard from Gene at Troop 14 on anticipated numbers. I need this to buy food for Cracker Barrel. Please notify me ASAP by Email desireesoapcompany@gmail.com or text me 788-0657 with a count. It needs not be accurate just looking for a round number.
I will post later on directions again. WE ARE GOING TO LINCOLN NOT STANFORD!I visited with the camp hosts who set up early because they want to be a part of this event. I may enroll them in judging cooking. They are excited to view a Camporee and this is their first host job…..
I have only heard from one Troop on ropes….just bring some for anchors and lifting
The site is fantastic…………….Forrest LaBelle