Papa Paul Klondike results

Greetings from the Camping Committee….

I am finally recovering from the Plague that I am sure Kyle Roberts gave to me at Camporee…..

We all had a wonderful time at the Papa Paul Klondike with almost 2 feet of snow and I think the boys gained some skills in winter survival as well. We has a record attendance at 127 people with boys and adults. I much appreciate all the help each Troop Leadership gave the Committee and look forward to seeing you again at Spring Camporee,which is tentatively set to be at Aspen Grove campground in Lincoln,MT. Cost will be the usual $10.00 per.

Congratulations go out to Troop 14 for placing both 1st and 2nd in the overall events winning $175.00 in Visa Gift Cards

Troop 26 won 3rd at $50.00 gift card and Troop 4 with 4th $50.00 gift card

Troop 151 had the fastest time in sled racing taking home the 1940’s wood saw which they generously gave to Papa Paul…..

Troop 4 won SKITINABOX……a great show as were all of the Skits

Troop 7 won the Dutch Oven contest with a delicious Peach Oven Bake recipe winning $50.00 Visa card

Look for these to be mailed to you from the District Office

Forrest C LaBelle II



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  1. Forrest do you have all the overall standing results as our Troop has a Troop patrol trophy within our Troop for the highest patrol and need to know which patrol placed higher?

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