Klondike is nearly here !

Greeting to all scouts going to Klondike. We are advising you to bring drinking water to the camp. There is lots of water there for most things but the water has not been tested for drinking this year. It is PROBABLY OK as it has passed every year. I just have to forward this information.

Also I have been informed that the new cabins will not have their heat operational as of yet. We will have a warming area for cold boys and adults. We are also providing an area to dry clothes.


Forrest C. Labelle

2 thoughts on “Klondike is nearly here !

  1. Forrest, thank you. A few questions: will there be a place where we can leave water cisterns/jugs where they will not freeze? If we boil the water from Rotary’s well, will it be acceptable and safe?

  2. We can put water in a place not to freeze. The Temps will be fairly high this weekend.
    The water is safe….I had to post this for Federal law as it is not tested for 2016.
    It was safe at 2015 testing….they cannot test again until spring.

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