Digital Technology and Cyber Chip


WHAT: Digital Technology Merit Badge and Cyber Chip for Grade 6-8

WHEN:  June 22-25 (9am – 12pm) Bring Your Own Lunch

WHERE:  The Salvation Army, 1000 17th Avenue S.

WHO:  Boy Scouts – 20 max – first come, first serve

COST:  $4 (Covers Cost of Cyber Chip Patch & Card)

REGISTRATION:  Stephen Boyd –

Scouts will need to download and bring the Digital Technology Merit Badge Workbook (

The following pre-requisites are required to in order to complete Merit Badge:

5.b: Using an Internet search engine (with your parent’s permission), find ideas about how to conduct a troop court of honor or campfire program.  Print out a copy of the ideas from at least three different websites. Share what you found with your counselor, and explain how you used the search engine to find this information.

6.:  Do three of the following listed in the Workbook.

7.c: Scouts will need to search the internet, find and discuss with your counselor an article or a news report about a recent legal case involving an intellectual property dispute.

8.:  Do two of the following listed in the Workbook.

9.:  Do one of the following listed in the Workbook.

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