Final Results for Spring Camporee……….and a Commentary

Greetings from the Camping Committee….

Well it was an adventure this past weekend! I was very impressed with the mettle of all the boys and adult leadership. We had a difficult day Saturday but a wonderful Friday. Camp setup went without a hitch and all the participants loved the camp. We sat up until about 11 pm with no rain……..but wait there’s more! At about 3:30 am the monsoon started in earnest and I lay in my tent listening to the drip drip of it getting in,wondering where it was going.

Getting up to eat was wet but not all bad and we had flags from Troop 12 ( well done boys) and proceeded to master the Handicap Awareness agenda. The boys did great finishing in plenty of time and learning a lot about what it is like to be handicapped, if even for a short time. I was at the Blind Station most of the time and was impressed with all I saw. The wheelchair Station was easier than I thought, as was the Crutches station. Mr Lukas did the loss of limb which was the most difficult event and Tami Lukas did the Hearing Impaired Station. The boys CAN build a gate without talking! Scoutmasters take note! Thank you papa Paul and brennan Lukas for the crutches station.

We had a few boys and adults tackle the hike and it was a very scenic one that followed the creek for about 2 miles.My boots did not do well in the wet. After that we started preparing for dinner and campfire when the SNOW started. It was getting intense and I was talking to one of the cabin owners about the weather and he told me it was to be 4 to 6 inches that night. At that point we discussed with Leadership and Committee that it was time to bug out of there as everything was wet and soggy and many people were soaked…..tents were soaked
so we made the decision to leave.

All in all we packed it up fast and decided to announce winners based solely on the events and camp setup with scores announced here.I want to thank my Committee Mr and Mrs Lukas ( and Anika) Rex Jewet, Papa Paul and Brennan Lukas. Also the adults all were there to help too.

The weather is what it is and those who came went away a better Scout for being there and I am proud of all of you!

There was a tie for first place with Troop 4 (Thunder Birds) and Troop 26 ( Panthers) with 2350 points

AND… this

There was a tie for second place Troop 12 (Stags) and Troop 14 ( Flaming Pigs) with 2325 points


Again Thank You

Forrest C LaBelle II
Committee Chairman