Spring Camporee 2015 Schedule and Info

Greetings from the Camping Committee,

We have been to Dry Wolf on a test run and have some information for you! The Campground is a wonderful setting with a creek running its entire length.There are 25 spots and I ask that each troop take only one.There are multiple large camps with plenty of room. There is a tad bit of snow left so bring good sleeping gear.

Follow the directions on the original post please and do not try to go by way of Monarch or Geyser as the ROADS ARE HORRIBLE>>>>>AND LONG! I did this on a motorcycle and saw rocks as big as a Buick blocking the road.Schedule of EventsCampground MapSign language 1Sign language 2

There are five vault toilets and NO WATER except the creek, so bring drinking water and or filters. There is a day use area for activities and no camping allowed there. The hiking trail is at the end of the day use area and looks like a nice hike along the creek. We saw fish, deer,an owl and a multitude of little critters.

The skits will be SKIT IN A BOX so you will build your skit from what is in the box. This being done during campfire and Dessert competition, so bring a plate and fork.

There are four attachments to this POST that include sign language info

I have left the whole afternoon for you to enjoy the camp and explore ( with a buddy ) fish hike or look for fossils……I found two partials.