NYLT Deadline Approaching

NYLT-is fun! After attending, most participants list it as their top experience in scouting. The lasting friendships made between scouts from all around the state go far beyond scouting.


What is National Youth Leadership Training? 

NYLT is an exciting, action packed program designed to provide all youth members of the Boy Scouts of America with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home units and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.

Montana Council is offering this National Youth Leadership Training course which emphasizes the operation of an adult led, youth run unit and is closely linked to the Wood Badge course. The presentations are conducted by NYLT trained youth working under the leadership of Wood Badge trained adults.

Who may attend? 

THIS IS A CO-ED EVENT! This training is open to Boy Scouts and Ventures who meet the following criteria:

  • At least 13 years old by June 30th, 2015, but not yet 18.
  • At least First Class rank, knowing basic camping skills.
  • Currently serving in a position of responsibility (or have the skills and abilities to do so in the future).
  • Be recommended/approved by the Scoutmaster/Advisor (experience tells us that the amount of benefit a participant will get from the training is directly proportional to his/her level of maturity, attitude and focus).

Is the home Scoutmaster/Advisor involved? 

Yes! It is expected that the troop Scoutmaster/Advisor or a designated adult scout leader, will work with the scouts prior to attending NYLT to provide them with the basics of leadership and outdoor skills. It is strongly recommended that participants be graduates of  Deadline for registration is May 15.
There will be two troops of 48 participants. This means that the course will have a limit of 96 participants.

Here is the website with all the details on the course, including how to register, cost, etc.  http://www.montanabsa.org/scout-programs/national-youth-leadership-training/