!!!CHICKEN DINNER!!!  And, deadline extended for submitting nominations for district awards!  Final deadline next Friday April 17


We have a district award dinner coming up and don’t have as many nomination forms turned in as we’d like.  Do you know what that means?  It means your chances are still excellent to leave that dinner dripping with accolades and laden with prizes – or your favorite adult Scouter. 

Our updated nomination form means you only have to write in a name and an award and why you think this individual deserves recognition.  For the form, scroll back through these blog postings to last week sometime when it was sent out, write it up and drop it off at the scout office.

Truth is, we all deserve recognition so let’s recognize each other with a great meal and a back-slapping, hand-shaking good time.  Nominations will close Friday April 17.  I look forward to seeing you there and showing off my prodigious chicken-eating skills.  Winner!  Winner!

Yours in Scouting.   Peter Jennings   District Chairman