District Committee Meeting 04/07/15 6:30pm

Howdy Folks!

Time for another meeting of the minds to plan for the upcoming events and Scouting activities.  Below you’ll find the agenda for the meeting this Tuesday. Please continue to encourage other adult Scouters to attend these meetings to learn and contribute.  See you Tuesday.

Peter Jennings   District Chairman


Lewis and Clark District Committee Meeting

April 7, 2015  6:30 pm Great Falls East Stake Center

Montana Council  BSA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Opening Ceremony
  3. Welcome and Introductions
  4. Recognitions
  5. District Committee Elections
  6. Unit Service – Rex Jewett District Commissioner
  7. District Chair Report – Peter Jennings

– draft plan for city commission meeting honor guard assignments

– draft pan for unit sponsors for District events

– report on SOMT partnership

8. Committee Reports

    1. Program Committee – Mike Lukas Chairman
    2. Finance Committee – Wayne Thares Chairman
    3. Training Committee – Keith Head Chairman
    4. Roundtable Commissioner – Steve Boyd Commissioner
    5. Discuss chairman vacancies in committees, notably Membership and Public Relations
  1.  District Calendar Review
  2.  Upcoming Events  –  Leader-Specific Training Scoutmaster Fundamentals April 11 8am,  Trail to First Class/IOLS/OA tapout  April 17-19, District Awards Dinner May 1, Spring Camporee May 15-17
  1. OA Report – Youth Member
  2.  Eagle Board Report – Tim Locke
  3. Other Business
  4.  District Executive Report – Dustin Shoemake
  5.  Next Meeting Time – May 5, 6:30 pm
  6.  Closing Ceremony
  7.  Adjournment