Scout Week 2015

February 1st starts Scout Week this year and next Sunday February 8th is Scout Sunday. “A scout is Reverent” is the twelve law of Scouting. To encourage regular practice of religion among our youth and adults, a patch is available to all members of Boy Scouts, including their leaders who wear their uniforms to a unit church and perhaps take an active role in their service or just wear their uniforms to their place of worship. This is usually done on the Scout Sunday, the anniversary of scouting.  The 2015 patches are available at your local Trading Post.

One thought on “Scout Week 2015

  1. Scout Shabbat is the following Saturday. However, the Great Falls Jewish Community will hold a Scout Shabbat service when we next meet, likely on the weekend of May 16. If anyone wants Scout Shabbat patches this year, please let me know.

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