Results from 2015 Zombie Camporee


I am very proud of all of those who helped at this last Camporee. You boys were the “best” last weekend.Thanks to all of you who participated in these difficult conditions. Hats off to the adult Leadership from all the Troops for their efforts.

Thank you Mike and Tammey and Brennan Lucas
Mr. Rex Jewett
Mr. Tim Locke
and Kyle Gillis…..Camping Committee Staff

We had a LOT of snow and the work to park and set up was handled professionally by everyone.I am happy to announce the winners————

1st Place…..Troop 26 Cadaver Decapitators
2nd Place…..Troop 28 Dead Heads
3rd Place…..Troop 14 Collage Students Before Finals
4th Place….Troop 1 Patient 0

The scores were very close all across the score sheet.

Forrest C LaBelle