Zombie Apocalypse is near…..

Greetings from The Camping Committee….

Here is a heads up on what you need to know for the winter camp out….

It WILL be cold and there is LOTS of snow. Do not assume that your boys will have all the right winter gear packed with them.They should have two of everything to wear and a GOOD sleeping bag. We have seen in the past that when the boys arrive they get really wet from playing in the snow then warming up by a fire or vehicle. Be sure they brush off all loose snow before they warm up and this will keep them dry.

You should have your Zombie completed or planned. (one per patrol)
You should have a Bugout Bag completed ( one per patrol)
Have you got a new patrol name? Be clever as this is 200 pts
Cracker barrel will be hot chili with crackers, jalapenos,onions and cheese on the side

The time is near ……will you be ready?