Venture Crew 8 Open House on September 18 | Council Venturing Bonanza at K-M on October 10!

The Montana Council and the Venture Crew from Billings will be having a K-M Venture Crew weekend Oct 10-12.  The activities will be ATVing, rappelling, COPE and shooting.

So what does this mean to all of you Scouts and Scouters?  Well if you are 14 years of age, or 13 years of age and completed of the eighth grade (and have not yet reached the age of 21) then we would love to have you in our Venture Crew  Since Venturing is co-ed then you and or your sister can attend our planning meeting at 6:30PM on Sept 18th in the basement of the Scout Office with the rest of Venture Crew 8.

What is the cost to be in Venturing?  If you are already registered in a Boy Scout unit the answer is nothing!  If your sister wants to join Venturing then the cost to register through the end of 2015 is $33.00.

Now the cost of the Venture Bonanza at K-M is $35.00 per person, which covers all of your fees and food expenses.  And yes, adults can also participate all of the activities.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at .

So hope to see you there.



Keith Hasbrouck, Venture Crew 8 Advisor