Scouts’ Own at Fall Camporee 2014

Has anyone ever heard of a Scouts’ Own?  I had not until recently.  Since one of my Woodbadge tickets is planning and carrying out a spiritual ceremony at a campout, I began to consider how I should approach this issue at the Fall Camporee a couple of weeks ago.  A fellow Scouter said, “Oh, you want to do a Scouts’ Own.”  “A what,” I asked?  Well, you’re probably entertaining the same question.  I encourage every scout(er) to click on the following link to understand more about this important component of the spiritual/religious aspect of Scouting:  Scout’s Own service description

Chaplain’s Aides should pay particular attention since you are the boys who will be called upon at the Camporee to lead the ceremony – along with  –  Yours Truly,     Peter C. Jennings  District Chair

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