Be Safe on the Road in your Bike; Sign Up for this Weekend’s CyclingSavvy Course today!

Bicycling as a primary mode of transportation makes sense!  Every day we hear and see messages encouraging us to be more active and live healthy!  But, many of us work long hours in jobs that are very sedentary. So how do we incorporate physical activity into our day without going to the gym?  Using a bicycle to ride to and from work is a great way to increase our physical activity and be a good example for our youth.  But how do we navigate safely through all those cars?  CyclingSavvy is a 12 hour course that teaches students how to do just that!

CyclingSavvy is a fun fast-paced course that helps students; 1) gain confidence around the dynamics of riding a bicycle in traffic, 2) learn problem-solving strategies, 3) increase your control and comfort handling your bicycle and 3) applying your new skills by taking your bike on the road for a tour of Great Falls.

The registration fee for the course is $75.00.  It will be held Saturday, May 31st from 9 to 4 and Sunday, June 1st from 9 to 12, at the Cascade City-County Health Department (CCHD) located at 115 4th Street South in Great Falls, MT.  You will need to bring your bicycle, a helmet, a water bottle and a bag lunch on Saturday.  Wear tennis shoes and clothes that are appropriate for the weather forecast!  See you there!

To sign up contact Alicia M. Thompson at phone: 791-9260; or Taylor Lonsdale phone: 406-548-1523.

One thought on “Be Safe on the Road in your Bike; Sign Up for this Weekend’s CyclingSavvy Course today!

  1. If any Scouts take this class and want to use it for cycling merit badge, I would accept registration and participation in the class to fulfill requirements 6 and 7(a)(1) of the MB requirements. I would be glad to work with any Scouts in the District that want to try to achieve the cycling MB this Summer.

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