May Day Hike From the Camping Committee

Greetings from the Camping Committee……


Since there is no Spring Camporee we will host a day hike to Black Beach at Holter Lake on May 17 at 8am. This is a place that is very friendly to fish for five different species of fish, with shallow drop offs and a long sandy beach. I have caught hundreds of fish here with my Dad and Son. If in-climate weather persists we will re-schedule but you will get a notice via e-mail the night before. There is no charge for this event.

There will be a limit of 50 boys that we can handle, not including adults. Webelos may attend but need a parent to go with EACH Webelo boy. You will need fishing license for boys over the legal age….adults too.The hike is a fairly strenuous 3/4 mile trip with hills and dales,bears, snakes, scorpions and the like so be prepared. We will meet at Social Security Beach which is the next beach after Log Gulch. We will start the hike at 8am. YOU AS A TROOP WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION TO THE TRAIL HEAD THE DAY OF THE HIKE. Bring your own fishing gear and I highly suggest bottom rigs with a number 8 hook with a nightcrawler and marshmallow………….they love the green ones. Also a good fly fisherman will find this spot agreeable.You will need to cast out a bit so a good pole with good line is important. The trout there run 2 lbs on the average,and I have caught carp over 20 lbs. Perch and walleye are also possible.


Day Packs need……

Water….lunch….rain gear….mountain money….extra socks…..hat…..jacket…..a two gallon zip lock bags….pocket knife….survival kit

Each Troop needs to bring a cat tool or small shovel for a latrine and a first aid kit ….a small cooler for any fish you bring back, and if possible a portable water filter.

You will need to contact me at to reserve a spot or call at 788-0657….I will post on this site when the hike is full



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