Klondike Results

Here are the results of 2014 Klondike Competition….


First place was a tie between Troop 14 and Troop 26. The boys would not have a tie ,no sir, so the Committee used the Survival Question test as a tie breaker and Troop 14 Spartans won .Troop 26 Snow Serpents took second with Troop 1155 Yellow Snowmen taking third. Everyone was close in scoring and the boys all had fun. Just remember if it has six legs you can eat it!


Best camp layout went to Troop 1

Troop 7 Owls won the foil dinner competition

Troop 151/152 won the Curling 

Troop 1155 Northern Icemen for best Patrol name

Troop 14 Himalayan Hunters for Stump Pile and Shelter

Troop 26 won best water machine

For the adult competition Troop 26 won edging out Troop 14 with Steve Boyd’s  wonderful Mint Mocha Cappachino Frappe Winter  Cornucopia Bed Time warm you up almost a Latte not quite a Steamer coffee like concoction. Troop 14 made a wonderful campfire Latte…………Yum Yum lucky me

Until we meet again!

Forrest C. LaBelle 

Committee Chairman