July Roundtable and District Meeting Minutes

Montana Council
Lewis and Clark District District Roundtable and Meeting Minutes
LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Ave S
July 2, 2013

Roundtables 6:30-7:30 p.m.
A. Boy Scout – Heat and Hydration/Leadership Safety (Six units in attendance)
B. Cub Scout – Teaching Methods (Only two units in attendance)
(Bill encouraged and challenged every Unit in the District to send a representative to Roundtables. Very good information coming from Roundtables that is not getting back to Unit leadership)

The meeting was opened at 7:35pm with ten in attendance. Thanks to Steve Boyd for providing the District Chairman with a new gavel for the District meetings.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved after a minor change regarding Pack 43 offering their Pinewood Derby Track to Sletten Cancer Center in September and not Pack 143.

Welcome, Introductions and Recognitions – Bill thanked the entire Cub Scout Day camp team for a great job! Over 200 kids in attendance. Bill thanked Troop 4 for hosting Webelos Rendezvous at MRSC. Bill, Wayne Thares, Peter Jennings, Cody Lowe and Steve Boyd were recognized for having completed the Woodbadge leadership course. Bill thanked Troops 26 and 26 for helping with the Flag Day ceremonies.

Old/New Business Upcoming Events – 4th of July parade, Bill and Stu Brown coordinating. Meet at 0945 on July 4, 2013, at 618 Park Drive South. Units should bring unit flags. Scouts should be in full field dress uniform (Class A), have a hat, plenty of sunscreen and water. Bottled water will be provided. The Voyagers Scout Night/Scout Show is Friday August 23rd. Looking for someone to coordinate Scout Show portion. Fall Camporee at Camp Rotary, September 19-21, 2013. Information regarding Webelos attendance will be forthcoming.

Upcoming Training – Recruitment Training August 14, 2012. Time and location TBD. District in need of a new Training Chairman. Popcorn training September 11, 2013. Time and location TBD. Leader Specific Training October 11, 2013. Time and location TBD.

Committee Reports – Advancement/Eagle Board: There was one approval this month and five finals. MRSC: Brad Weaver and Peter Jennings discussed the need to develop a master plan for MRSC and pledge to work with units and OA to complete identified building improvements. MRSC available for use by all units. Letter to Unit leaders to go our shortly describing MRSC, availability, etc. Brad Weaver will coordinate the calendar and usage of MRSC for the District. He can be reached at 750-8615 or weave82@hotmail.com

District Executive Report – None
District Commissioner Report – Rex discussed slight change in Venturing uniforms; Commissioners will be providing re-charter training to the units in the near future; Commissioners need to conduct more unit visits and make sure there are recorded in the system. If your unit has not been visited or you don’t know who your commissioner is, send Rex an email at rljewett@bresnan.net.

District Chair Report – Bill announced the search for a new DE is down to approximately eight candidates with interviews taking place this and next week. Bill is also taking a group of Webelos from the District to summer camp at K-M July 28-31, 2013. If any Packs have boys who would like to attend, contact Bill ASAP at dclcmtbsa@gmail.com.

Other Business – District in need of Membership and Public Reltaions Chairs.

Adjournment at 8:30 p.m. Next Meeting/District BBQ, August 6, 2013, 6:30 p.m. at MRSC.